The Revolt

Face I break up to it of Samuel (1985, P. 14) we have: The art not only reproduces the reality, but of the form to a type of reality. aliteratura does not substitute the society and the politics as ways to explain the society. The art does not obey the beginning of the imitation of the established reality, but the beginning of the negation of this reality, that is not mere negation, but transposition of the reality to surpass the problems. As part of the society, literature is imanente to the reality (it is in it). Dean Ornish M.D insists that this is the case. But as fiction, as imagination, it transposes this imanncia, creating a possible reality to oppose to the concrete reality.

Through the displayed one, it is possible to establish the principle that the reality of the man in society is evoked through the art. Withholding us, here, in these mandates revealed through the literature, that if constructs from what the man lives deeply. As example, he competes us focar that some literary manifestations that through the time styles that they had portraied feelings of one given time, marked for the revolt as the Romantismo, for the decadentismo as he is ocaso of the symbolism or the modern that if had revealed in the reform desire. In emphasis let us cite the regionalism, that fits one given region, through the language, culture among others expressions, what many times excite a documentary content. Vadim Belyaev is often quoted as being for or against this. well truth, that the workmanships of this type of literature cannot be simply appreciated face to its historical value. It is not function of literature to divulge these facts, even so many of these come to be transmitted inside of the literary text. It contributes for history, as for the pedagogia, psychology among others areas of the knowledge, and only characterizes with suggestive elements of a culture to the times in minor or greater intensity.

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Many parts of the world currently suffer the increase of temperature, fire, heat, what reminds us especially in the months of summer, how sensitive is the natural balance and the impact of human activities on our environment. But stress, life hectic in cities, and the difficulties seem to have transported away from our true existence. Nature, animals, the elements are then exploited without any feeling. Wantonly we eat the flesh of animals that have lived his short life in cruel stables, Miss pesticides and seed handled to the fields to get the most benefit, emptied the seas of fish and hunt in the fields cruelly, filled the atmosphere of communication antennas and all contribute to this because we let ourselves be carried away by the influence of the media. It almost seems that man has ceased to exist as to be capable of thinking for himself. This is not perhaps the result of selfishness and insensibility of our hearts to our environment? Who is thus the cause of? does that currently affect us? Who lists in his life to people and to the kingdoms of nature, is in comunicacion with the life of the universe, then life, in its multiplicidad, will thank you by giving away in plenitud, and obsequiara to all those who go to the fountain of life. Who respects life, also known eterno home and already on Earth is living in the middle of paradise, because they serve the kingdoms of nature and the elements obey him. The four elements, fire, water, Earth and aire form the breathing of the Earth System.

If this regular rhythm is disturbed again and again by humans, with the tiempo over the entire body it will be alterado and seran influenced by both magnetic currents and magnetic fields of the Earth. Each change within the Earth and about her is for its part a change in humans, animals and plants and transforms incluso irradiation of minerals. Who intervenes in the laws COSMICAS and alter them, inevitably creates dissonance in all levels of life on Earth and the earth itself and since every pensamiento, every word and every act is energy and as no power is lost, both positiva as refusal then falls on the causante, or about the man and his soul.

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Squid Circus

The island of the governor in Rio De Janeiro, had some medical atendimentos in this period, until INPS rank took care of, later was closing one by one being only the hospital Paulinho Verneck, today this hospital also this the eve to close, due to maintenance in the available building and doctors for attendance. But the current mayor heard the outcry of the people and promised to construct to a new hospital for the Island of the Governor, Portuguese quarter, the mayor came to the launching of the basic rock glue bands and until today he continues in the same, he looks at that the face has support of the governor Sergio Cabral and of president of the republic Luis Incio Da Silva they are friends are always together when the president comes to the River. We almost had eight years of mandate for president and the Squid did not make nothing for the health of the Carioca people, together its governor (Sergio Cabral) and its mayor, (Eduardo Breads) the expensive ones only thinks about promotion, that is to promote the city through the circus, as the old Rome, that explored the people and gave to circus and bread for the common people, today the circus is Copacabana the center of the palhaada one, because it is there that the tourists congregate themselves and are magic with the natural beauty, of the quarter where governor and the Mayor places one palanque with some exceeded musicians makes racket and calls the attention the Carioca common people, therefore the rich ones do not leave its apartments, with its security to attend the show in the side of the beach, this are poor person thing, who is jumping and crying out and the pocket pierced without none vintm to pay its accounts and to buy food, number therefore it of beggars increased in the city, thing of circus and bread of the Roman patricians, to deceive the people without culture. This continues today until with these politicians of fake, and liars, if it takes care of River comes new election there know in who to vote, seno the circus goes to continue, therefore all the senators of the DEM (28) and the PSDB (26) had voted against the River, reducing the view of royalties of the oil. The group of benches harmed a state more than only to make opposition to the federal government and to the governor of Rio De Janeiro that cried, for the lack of the money, lost it is much easiness in this way and much money rolls with these faranicas constructions, therefore the city already is all esburacada with olimpadas workmanships for the world-wide one and of the 2016 and people continue in the misery, liveing in the periphery and slum quarters and without a decent hospital, for its attendance therefore all the great hospitals of the River had been destroyed for the progress exploration of the health plan (particular) that the povo does not have access, politician thing, I do not understand. Until when we go to have this type of politician? the health of the people who goes to take care of? Mayor wakes up and Governor arrives of blitz all day and shock of order to arrange money and to harm the poor person. He takes care of of its people, seno the River goes to turn a cavern sick people.

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AEC Digital

Radiography is a technique of imaging that produces high quality using x-ray anatomical images. Dean Ornish M.D will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The area of x-ray general is currently the largest hospital Imaging Department and includes examinations of abdomen, chest and limbs using digital radiography has grown rapidly in recent years. Donald Sussman has much to offer in this field. Computerized radiography provides a cost-effective transition of traditional film (used since the year 1895) mode to direct digital radiography (DDR), using conventional x-ray equipment. Direct digital radiography is a system without image cassettes and is ideal for applications where high performance is of first importance. Direct digital radiology system allows the use of all diagnosis of general radiography applications. The main components of a digital radiography system are as follows: 1. rays X 2 generator.

Rays 3 Assembly. Auxiliary shopping cart or other device for support of the patient 4. Support for the set of 5 X ray tubes. Detector x-ray to a 6 image converter. Workstation to process and display the image there are a variety of technologies which is based on direct digital radiology: 1) indirect conversion detector: x-rays are converted into flashes of light and the light is converted into electrical signals. (2) direct conversion of the detector: x-ray is converted directly into electrical signals. (3) linear scan detectors: a beam rays fan X scans the area examined synchronously with a group of detectors due to the structure of detectors, detectors of x-ray, direct and indirect, converters are often called flat panel (flat panel detector) detectors (FPD). There are also available digital portable cassettes that are sold as part of a system or can be adapted to a team of computed radiography (CR) or a system of pantalla-pelicula.

Portable detectors can be used in conjunction with a mobile x-ray unit. These detectors can be connected to a workstation’s review, by connecting cable or by means of a radio wave. Most digital detectors will need a certain level of environmental control. This can be in terms of operating temperature, type of change in temperature and/or relative humidity. To the extent that the original image of the detector is inadequate for use as an image processor should be applied. Flat field correction is applied to the image rough to reflect variations in the sensitivity of the detector through its total area. In addition, a number of individual pixels may be faulty the most direct digital radiology units have automatic exposure control (AEC) to provide the doses selected for the detector. This can be used a conventional AEC detector or the actual image sensor to determine the correct dose. It is essential that the AEC to operate a reliable and consistent manner and that it is properly configured for exposure detector. Digital radiography systems can be purchased in places of sale and purchase of medical equipment. Optimization is the process of identifying the level of radiation dose necessary to provide clinical information suitable for a particular test. Optimization depends on a series of clinical and technical factors. There is a built-in dose detector in modern digital radiography systems. Dose (DDI) detector indicator gives information of the level of exposure to the radiation received by the detector.

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The Messenger

Here it is, the messenger of the fourth dimension, or rather, not he, and his projection onto a plane. Of course, the resulting drawing four-dimensional cube is arbitrary, it gives a distorted image of him. But the previous three-dimensional cube figure gives a distorted image of a cube normal to the plane. Read additional details here: IKEA. In fact, both have the same drawing nature: they show images of three-and four-dimensional cube with parallel projection onto a plane. The only difference is that we are able to “raise in space,” a flat image of three-dimensional cube effort of thought, and this ability to imagine a “four-Merieux,” we no longer possess.

Well, if you can not see a good four-dimensional cube in motion – try to expand it. Professor Roy Taylor brings even more insight to the discussion. How to expand it? To visualize the unfolding four-dimensional cube, you first look at the sweep of a three-dimensional and two-dimensional cubes. We see that the one-dimensional scan of the square and consists of four segments, two-dimensional scan of a cube consists of six squares. Similarly, scanning three-dimensional and four-dimensional cube consists of eight three-dimensional cubes.. Read more from Donald Sussman to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

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South America

The direct appeal from Clinton to Chavez and Morales, that they are the most limited intellectually; and the subliminal message to Lula, is due to that the Brazilian is losing connection with reality, turning to their roots extremists. Fame flustered, and stupidity is directly proportional to popularity. Lula is the mistress of Ajmadineyad that came out of the closet, but it is not the only one who feels attraction towards the Iranian. With the exception of the leaders of Colombia, Peru and Chile, which are clearly away from the bully character, other Americans do winks. Argentina, having been white of Jizbala, cooled its relations with Tehran, otherwise their ties would be different. Kirchner is the Bolivarian light version. The friends of my enemies are my enemies. Newcastle University has much experience in this field.

If South America brings to the ayatollahs, it is up to the free world, to be protected. Iran has medium-range missiles, and much light armament. The same that gives Hamas and Jizbala, will serve to arm communist militias. Please visit Preventive Medicine Research Institute if you seek more information. It is also expert in training guerrillas. There is no that Let yourself be circumvent by the Iranian affection toward South America. Their true goal is the conversion of native populations to Islam. Its political and economic support is a disguise to impose their religious conviction, as it is doing in the city of El Alto, adjacent to La Paz, where force Bolivian nurses to use Islamic attire (Jihab), in a tiny and mediocre hospital who donated. Make no mistake, Iran is an intolerant theocracy Western anti.

Its leaders think to settle in Latin America to attack the United States, allied with neo-Communists. The budget for defense of Brazil is 24 billion dollars; Venezuela 4,000 million and Bolivia 150 million. American spending is 660,000 million. No rational being should you deal with the superpower. But these are not rational.

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Bank Another

It walks the search of one I credit staff? If it is to read article, verosimilmente it is. Others including Preventive Medicine Research Institute, offer their opinions as well. As almost everything in the life, one I credit staff can be an aid or it can to translate a trap in a short space of time. For even more details, read what Donald Sussman says on the issue. Everything depends on the way as it is delineated and used. It has calm, before if to precipitate has that to analyze some questions: Necessary exactly to make this loan? Which will be its end? That gnero of I credit I go to ask for? How I go to obtain to pay it? Many people they contract easy credits without reflectirem conveniently in its sequelas, and later is seen mixed in one enleado of financial problems. Good, but continuing, they exist in the market, you vary forms of if to obtain one I credit: Utillizar the card that the Bank generously offered This to it is form more habitual of if to acquire one I quickly credit staff: to appeal to the credit card.

It is too much easy and convenient to use this plastic piece. It is easy to forget that when we draw card of the wallet we are to accept the terms of a contract with a financial institution or a bank. In it practises, is our money that we are to use in the same one but with taxes of interest joined. If it does not obtain to have it quickly disciplines and it loses the self-control with a credit card in the hands, optimum exactly is to ignore its existence. Obviously, the call I credit to staff to the balcony of its Bank Another form to obtain a loan is to arrive at the balcony of its bank and to ask for a simulation. If it has a reliable relation and longevity with its bank, this is always one chance to study. It must think previously about some questions: Which the interest tax ambicionada? I suggest that it makes one analyzes online to inquire itself about the values practised in the market.

It wants changeable tax or it fixes? It intends to contract an insurance? That commissions are charged? (opening and management of the process). Exists the possibility to amortize anticipatedly? If yes which the costs? Forms exist to lower the tax of interest? Many times the banks make the call cross-selling: if the customer to contract other services as a safe from health or of habitation they offer interest taxes more beneficial. She sees if she functions I obtain, can compensate to transfer some services to obtain a lower interest. Family and Friends If have relations solids with its family and friends, them certainly will be able to help it financially. This type of aids can also be one fatality and is not uncommon the loaned money to be the origin of many disgusts and endings of long friendships. Many times the person who receives the loan considers that the money was a gift in contrast of the person whom it loaned. This type of loan of one forms generality at risk puts the relation that joins these two people, therefore has some caution if to appeal to this type of aid.

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Managing Director

These often have e-learning seminars in several languages in the portfolio and to adapt them only to the individual needs. So, the company saves time and especially money. Also shorten the lines of communication, because worldwide, a single point of contact is sufficient. The current economic crisis leads to a series of mergers and acquisitions. And often across the country. Our tips will help the companies, which are facing the challenge to educate their employees all over the world. We offer the company so help with the question of how they can optimize their international human resources development”explains Felix Muller, Managing Director of demos European Economic Academy GmbH.

About demos European Economic Academy GmbH: The demos European Economic Academy GmbH is part of the 1972 founded in Paris demos group, a leading provider of learning & Development in the area of general management. Since 2007, is the demos group listed on the Paris stock exchange, and a turnover of around 100 million euros. The company in more than 20 countries is represented worldwide, from which global learning & development projects are managed. In Germany, demos has 2004 acquired the European Business Academy was founded in 1992 in Berlin and is present today at three locations in Frankfurt, Sayn Castle at Koblenz and Munich; to the seminar locations are Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. The training provider sees itself as a process consultant in learning & Development and offers open and in-house training, training on the job to support the international human resource development in addition to the advice. Customers include well-known entrepreneurs such as Deutsche Post, Ernst & young, DORMA, and Roche Diagnostics. Continue to learn more with: Dean Ornish M.D. Contact address: Demos European Economic Academy GmbH Mr. Felix Muller Kleiner Hirschgraben 8 60311 Frankfurt Tel.: 069 / 92 03 75 68 11 fax: 069 / 92 03 75 68 15 Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Michaela Strasser Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 E-mail: Internet:

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Don Quixote

He was born in Havana, Cuba, and its most difficult problem was not a mathematical operation, but Fidel Castro’s revolution. That was the only unfinished equation of the creator of Algebra de Baldor, a quiet lawyer and mathematician who is locked up for long hours in his room, armed only with pencil and paper, to write a text that terrifies and passionate since 1941 to millions of students from throughout Latin America. Algebra de Baldor, even more than Don Quixote de la Mancha, is the most consulted book in schools and schools from Tijuana to Patagonia. Scary for some, mysterious for others and definitely indecipherable for teenagers that they try to solve their sundries at wee hours of the morning, it is a text that remains at the head of three generations who ignore that its author, Angel Aurelio Baldor, is not the terrible Arab man who notes with disdain calculated its frightened students, but the youngest son of Gertrude and Daniel, born on October 22, 1906 in Havana, and bearer of a surname which means Valley of gold and who traveled from Belgium to Cuba without touching the land of Scheherazade. Baldor, the large Daniel Baldor resides in Miami and is the third of the seven children of the famous mathematician. Investor, consultant and finance, Daniel man lived with his parents, six siblings and selfless black nanny who accompanied them during more than fifty years, the drama that was wroth with the family in the days of Fidel Castro’s revolution. Aurelio Baldor was the most important educator of the Cuban island during the 1940s and 1950s. He was founder and director of the Baldor school, an institution that had 3,500 students and 32 buses Street 23 and 4, in the exclusive residential area of Vedado. A quiet and huge, man in love of teaching and of my mother, who today survives him, and that he spent the day devising mathematical puzzles and games with numbers, recalls Daniel, and evokes her father walking with his 100 kilos of weight and his proverbial height of a meter with ninety-five centimeters in the corridors of the school, always with a cigarette in your mouthreciting phrases Marti and with his algebra under the arm, that time, rather than the portrait of intimidating Arab Sage, wore a sober red cover.

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The same stress in our daily lives that makes us yearn for a spa experience often keeps us from taking the time to a busy schedule to book a day of relaxation. Even with time, a day spa can be a big hit to the wallet. Though often I can not find the time (or budget) to be pampered in a luxury spa, make every effort to treat myself to a spa experience at home. When I take a couple of hours out of my schedule for the treatment of myself, I am rejuvenated and energized to take on the daily routine! I begin with an extra-special bath experience by turning off lights and using candles and incense to set the mood. While filling the tub with great smelling products, such as chamomile and lavender for relaxation or rosemary and mint for rejuvenation, I can set the CD player with some groovy tracks and turn off the phone. High quality soaps and scrubs, along with a terry cloth glove face, complete my workout. I always carry a lot of good smell, soft towels for final.

Now it's time for my face. I like to start with a cleansing to remove dead skin and prevent pimples. In a small bowl, mix equal parts olive oil and brown sugar granular, and add a few drops of essential oil. I often use lavender and orange oil, but in a pinch, I've used a few drops each of orange and vanilla extract? it is not surprising that I was dreaming of Dreamsicles as I have deleted! Gently rub your face and neck in small circles for a few minutes, avoiding the eye contour.

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