Cognitive Development

Initially the psychology of the development studies aspects of cognitivo, affective, social and motor the development human, if asking on the interference of the time of life of the process of the child, such processes is of knowledge, socialization, and of progress. As well as, throughout the time the child will have to acquire more abilities and more capacities and capacities more throughout the development process the child will not only go to changed themselves. In accordance with some processes of the development such as; cognitivo development (knowledge, affective reason and), affective development, social development, motor development. A time that if becomes an allied of the education, since the same one questions the interaction with the way as one them main factors for the development. Thus the psychology of the development searchs a knowledge area where if it worries about the transformations of the human being throughout its life thus being able to bring many benefits in the scope of the education, therefore the same search to answer questions on as the human development functions, that is, all the stages of its development throughout the life. For PIAGET (1924) the construction of the mental development if of the one through the way, and all the knowledge if initiates with a previous point, that is, the child must interact with the way and to construct a knowledge leading in consideration of the previous knowledge. Being thus PIAGET she says that the mediation is the action of the child who initially is a physical action or motor and later she is mental, then, to each new action the child goes to construct a balance and later desconstruir to construct one another one again, that is, to each action a new process of knowledge construction leaving of the previous knowledge and the construction of new hypotheses is initiated. Thus to each new behavior she goes to recover a balance and to construct a still more steady balance of what the previous one, since the balance implies in room.

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