The Taekwondo In Brazil

Fernando Columbus the first Master to arrive in Brazil was Jung Of the Lim, in 1968. Although it has given lessons during 1969, 1970 are considered the year of official introduction of the Taekwondo in Brazil with the coming of the Master Sang Min Cho for So Paulo. Probably this if must to the fact of that the Lim Master was of school MOO Of the Kwan that resisted to use the name and the methodology of the Taekwondo, remaining itself faithful to the Tang Soo Of, and Cho Master was invited official of the ITF, that represented the art at the time. Between 1971 and 1972 they had come diverse Masters: Sang In Kim, Kun Joon Kwon, Gum Me the Bang, Woo Jae Lee, among others. The smashing majority of them if installed in the axle River – So Paulo. The first championship of Taekwondo of Brazil was the I River x So Paulo, organized for the Master Woo Jae Lee in 1972. In 1973, with the creation of the WTF, the consulate of the Korea it informed to that they would have if filiar to the new entity.

As the new system it was very different of old and the Masters if they felt on to the old one, the transistion was very difficult. The problems alone had been surpassed in 1977, when a new group of Masters arrived at Brazil. After making demonstrations in some parts of the country, some here they had remained, as Yong Min Kim, Tee Bo Lee, Chang Seong Lim, Soon Myung Choi, Ahn-Soom Lee and Seung Jang Hong. In this year also a Brazilian participated for the first time of a world-wide championship: Pablo Sergio Gomes, who was alone to testify as it was the international Taekwondo. The development advanced very in 1982, when a complete team was to the world-wide one in the Equator. In 1984 the team of competition of Korea came to Brazil and won all the fights, leaving however many seeds in the spirit of the Brazilians. After this year Brazil never left to participate of the World-wide Championships. In 1986 conquering our first international medal with Carlos Loddo, considered one of the best athletes of all the times in this modality.

The decade of 90 glorified the Brazilian Taekwondo. A new generation of athlete conquered one numbers without precedents of international medals, trained for the Master Carlos Negro. Currently Brazil is one of the biggest world-wide powers in the Taekwondo, being it enters the best ones of the world. its expansion does not stop, being one of the martial arts that more grow in our land.

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