What is ajax Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) – a solution that allows asynchronous request / transfer data to the server. The very idea is not to restarting the web page and not blocking the user interface could be of javascript-script to apply to any server-side script (or other resersu) to get / send any data. Examples ajax examples web page using ajax is now possible to find many. If you go on and start something enter a search string, you can drop down menu will appear with similar variants found Query. These options from the server asynchronously, without the page itself. What is jQuery to implement ajax-requests Browsers are built components that can be accessed from the javascript-code. There is one annoying problem. Code to create ajax-object in ie (Internet Explorer), differs from the code ajax-create the object in other browsers.

This is perhaps not the biggest challenge. For example, I really do not want to think about the different settings and low-level implementations of ajax. jQuery eliminates the above problems , providing a very user-friendly interface. I must say that the use of the library goes far beyond just a convenient implementation of ajax-scripts. Ajax, jQuery and php In this article I will examine a fairly simple but complete example of how to create a Web page with ajax asynchronous requests to the server.

So, let's proceed. You must create a page that will be placed button. Clicking on this button to request data from the php-script and display them on stranitse.Neobhodimo also show animations while loading data in the form gif-image. For simplicity, we assume that data sharing will be implemented in json-format. Immediately bring design directory hierarchy on my server. Here it is. Fig.1 The structure of directories on the server code page html-www / index.html

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Lizard Summer

In the summer they fished robalo that it was in abundance at this time, as well as collected mussel and caramujo in the rocks of the beach, harvested face, cassava, and two hunted made in the summer, of the lizard that only appears in the summer and the wild dove that appeared here also in the months hottest, in the sea siri guau also leans as well as the more common fish parati in the coasts in the dark nights of summer. Then in the given age a series of survival possibilities. To put with the growth of the city this everything was disappearing and today already they are practically extinct, in the majority hunting victims/it fishes indiscriminate for I also deal or for the partial or total destruction of its habitat. It spoke to you of the animals, and the plants, which points in its opinion are .causing of the disappearance of some plants? R: Disordered progress, Matinhos grew disorderedly, it does not hear a planning, who wanted, cut trees that agreed to it, thinking about comfort and comfort rivers they had been filled with earth, and constructed houses being, test of this is caiob that it is inside of the beach, was thought about the native bush that alive there, in ' ' *garo' ' the turtles that disposed there? Not, they had destroyed and they simply constructed. Then pra to finish says in its opinion what it was the .causing greater of the disappearance of plants and native animals of our coast? Disordered growth, lack of respect for the way that in the fence, here all age weeds, here all clean age, the Matinhense caboclo in its crossbred majority of indian and Portuguese, lived a life simple modestssima and, very did not need pra to live well, in its modest house its utensils was wooden, beaten soil and firewood stove, it had its roado of where took off the rice, beans, cassava, maize, the creation of hens, rare a pig in the yard, went to live in the side of the beach only in the months where ' ' PERNELONGO' ' it attacks more and or to deal of the tasks of fishes, it did not keep with the sea and the beach this relation that if has today, where the sea is a picture to be appreciated and the more close more good, the bush it was the extension of its house, kept farms for all the mountain range, that they were collective, any one it could use, it understands, it reigned the camaraderie and the cooperativismo, we inherit of the indians the respect for the way, our way we made handling of the way and its resources, without destroying we took off half of the ours sustenance.

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Brazilian Air Force Haiti

When the nature if revolt the man cannot make absolutely nothing against it. Now and to try to save who still is alive. to help to reconstruct the country arrasado for the earthquake. What special the Brazilian government and in the Armed Forces is making for the people of Haiti is praiseworthy. Since that the tragedy in Haiti with thousands of died Squid was confirmed immediately sent its minister of the Defense and the general of army Enzo Flix to organize all the humanitarian aid to the Haiti.Um gesture of nobility and humanity of Brazilian government one of the first countries to help Haiti and to send water and provisions to the suffered people from this country.

They are following for Haiti many airplanes Hrcules C-130 of the Brazilian Air Force equipped with tents, canvases, water potable, first-aid foods, products, etc. the United States are sending a ship with surgical, medical centers and nurses, total equipped in substance of medical resources for the Haiti.Esse joint support between Brazil and United States of America in the aid to Haiti are without a doubt no basic one and of great importance to try to brighten up the suffering of the Haitian survivors. So far with the aid of diverse governments as of France, of the United States, Germany, among others, and of the World Bank and Deep the Monetary International, the country of sees to receive something around U$$ 300 million. This means one tero of what the country product of Gross domestic product per year. Everything that will be made by Haiti and its people will be a gesture of deep largeness and nobility, beyond being a humanitarian gesture. Now American president Barack Obama congregates of a time alone former-presidents Bill Clinton and George W.

Bush to collect deep for Haiti. This fantastic humanitarian gesture only could have left of president Barack same Obama. Without a doubt none is a politician who is in the power in the United States and deserved to have been elect. Even though the closed Coreia of the north already is if approaching to the American government because of Barack Obama wanting to dialogue with the EUA.Ele really it makes and it is making the difference. Squid and it really are the faces in Latin America and in the world. Also Brazil is helping Haiti since the day where the country was destroyed by the strong earthquake of 7.3 in Escala Richter.O government of Haiti already is calculating a total of 200.000, 00 (a thousand) died. As the bigger earthquake in number of died only losing for the one of China in 1976 with more than 250,000, 00 (a thousand) died. That Ours Mr. Jesus Christ has mercy of the soul of this people suffered from Haiti.

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University Hospital September 2011 is a simple day program via video that flexibility can make at home with everyone against typical symptoms such as fatigue, headache or backache cooperates with out these sustainable self-help now available online. Germany first online Yoga Studio in cooperation with the online video platform gesundtv a useful Yoga initiative on the way did. The modern working world is responsible for a number of diseases, including stress, Burnout, depressive disorders, digestive problems, back pain, tension headaches and challenges to the knees and spine. Here yoga can remedy specifically. Seven compact, produced by for health Yoga-clips remedy against the seven most common diseases of the modern meritocracy in less than 20 minutes of daily exercise time sustainably. As a short daily programmes, they can be also as a targeted supplement to by those who suffer from these disorders, flexibly incorporate into everyday – General Yoga training and physiotherapy. The videos are the result of a new cooperation between and, Germany’s first video platform with the theme health. A TV campaign accompanied the initiative since September 11 on Pro7, Sat1, and cable 1 would like to offer health-conscious people with targeted practice sustainable assistance in their complaints.

The informative exercise programs by, which are now on available, have been designed by renowned, experienced experts. It was this especially important to us”says Svenja Michel, marketing / sales manager, developed the concepts have naturopath, Germany’s best-known Yoga expert and book author, and Dr. Ronald Steiner, Ashtanga Yoga teacher and doctor in the sports and rehabilitation medicine at the University Hospital of Ulm to the videos of Anna of Trokes, yoga teacher. Both are represented with own Yoga videos in the online Yoga Studio We would be pleased if this topic for your Reporting eligible, and give you a test access and contacts to interview if you are interested to.

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