Dealing with Stress

Did you know that only change the nostril that you breathe, your state of stress and anxiety can be solved?, What if you are angry it breathe through the left nostril in 3 minutes your state of irritability end? What if you’re depressed and sad with breathing through the right nostril will change quickly?. Known as Pranayama: Pranayama consists of two terms. Prana “life energy” that makes possible all life and physical activity, and Ayam “expansion.” So pranayama breathing is a method by which expands the energy that sustains life. Mental activity is correlated with respiration, the more breaths have more thoughts will run through the mind. Thus the practice of Pranayama which involves a series of breathing exercises reduce drastically the number of breaths taken in any given period.

And once he has calmed the mind, one is ready for meditation and concentration. Pranayama The practice is based on normal respiration has four stages: Inhalation, retention, exhalation, retention. Pranayama alter the proportion of these four phases, designed to slow the pace of breathing. Breathing LONG, COMPLETE AND DEEP: Breathing is a barometer of energy in life. Breathing is the basis of consciousness and mood. When human beings learn to regulate your breathing, encode the emotional stance toward life. The breath acts as a reservoir for the energy we normally reserve for use in emergencies.

In a survey was that 40% of people do not breathe properly. Breathing is both dense and subtle, aspect is the integration density of oxygen, nitrogen and other chemicals that make up the air. The subtle aspect is the Prana or life force that energizes the mind and body. The quantity, quality and movement of each of these elements form the basis of a vibrant creative life. HOW TO MAKE IT?: To ensure that it is being done correctly, we must distinguish the three parts of the full breath: Low or abdominal, chest or medium, and high-clavicular. A full breath begins filling the abdomen, after expanding the chest and finally lifting the upper ribs and clavicle. The exhalation is the same process but in reverse: the top is flat, then middle and finally pull the abdomen inwards making the navel is pulled back toward the spine. Breathing right nostril BY: (to energize) Yes you are tired, durmiendote and need more energy, breathe through your right nostril. This breathing energizes and balances mental states of irritability and depression. It is recommended for physical activities, discussions and debates. This nadi (channel pranic) increase stamina, endurance. Solar energy is masculine. Breathing through the naris LEFT: (to relax). This breathing is to calm the mind and nerves, is a reliever when he was going to sleep, this breathing stimulates the Ida Nadi to increase chemicals to purify the blood and this will help to meditation, it is recommended to do activities particularly important for stability to your life. Ida is responsible for storing energy for the brain. It is the feminine lunar energy. Kundalini Yoga practice and you learn a lot of breaths to heal, release stress, have a lot of energy, rejuvenate and much more.

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Why a proud waist circumference can pull the heart affected are the BMI (body mass index), the known, is whether the weight relative to body size in the frame or is overweight and obesity. The formula produces weight: body size less than 25, so is normal weight before. As a result it is of 30 to obesity. “It was so far, said that people with a normal” result as seen from the cutters are, now results in a recent study, the physicians recently at the Congress of the European society of Cardiology (ESC) presented, that the body fat itself plays a role not to be underestimated. Unequally distributed body fat is risky especially when people with unequally distributed body fat as well as in normal weight, so research the risk of cardiovascular disease deaths was higher than previously assumed.

So this risk in people with a high hip-waist ratio (i.e., when next waist with narrower hips) is even higher as obese during. There are especially the fat cells from the abdomen, which can cause chronic inflammation. They damage the heart and the organs that provide for the metabolism. The reason for this is explored yet. In addition to the well-known joint damage and the higher propensity to impotence, there is now another reason to keep body, diet and exercise in the eye.

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