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Below, we want to enter on their opportunities and risks, and then more shed light on the in our opinion extremely attractive form of investment in forest. Gold gold has long been at the heart of the Interest. It is easy to carry, imperishable and available only in limited quantities. Due to its aesthetic values, it has conquered a special meaning this in almost all cultures for centuries. Considering the price of the gold price in the last 10 years, one notes that he greatly benefited from the “loose money politics ” of the major industrialized nations.

And attentive investors know that a such excessive money growth must eventually lead to the complete collapse. At such times, then other values as a medium of Exchange will be in demand. Already in the past, gold was used in the so-called “gold standard” as a basis for currencies. This function could return to him in the future. Expertenr advise therefore a certain percentage of assets (3 10%) to invest in gold. The physical gold is the paper gold in the form of certificates they are also leveraged to prefer. Paper is known only as secure as its editor.

We advise how physical gold into bullion with special imprints for example, the Troy of the company Haereus or Pearth Mint. Gold has also special disadvantages. The rise in the prices of gold based solely on demand for the precious metal and the belief is that the metal in the future will be worth more than in the present. In contrast to stocks, it pays no dividend out and “does not work” so. It produces also no added value at the end of the year, it pays no interest, as is the case with bonds and generates no profits in the form of rent, as it is common in real estate. Gold is the first choice for the pessimistic investors and thus also in the focus of the Treasury.

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How Can I Tell If I am Burned out?

Symptoms are of different quality than ordinary stress burnout. What the difference between burnout syndrome and stress? The question is not so easy to answer, because both diseases or conditions are directly related. Stress do not get sick, it comes on the kind of stress on and also how a person deals with stressful situations. Permanent overload, strongly pronounced efficiency and permanent stress can in the long term lead to a situation where we break down physically and mentally. In this case, one speaks of the Burnout Syndrome.

What are the symptoms of burnout syndrome and how does the disease differ from ordinary stress? At the beginning is the Burnout Syndrome often inconspicuously the first symptoms of burnout syndrome are quite different. Many patients report of sleep disorders, which then led to a chronic fatigue and concentration difficulties. A general feeling of exhaustion and overwork is usually accompanied by an early burnout. A few Patients withdraw and neglect their social environment. Others become the workaholic and try their problems and the inner void with more and more work and other activities out of the way to go. Frequently Martha McClintock has said that publicly. Physical signs of burnout syndrome In contrast to the normal stress leads the Burnout Syndrome usually to a physical illness.

The physical symptoms of burnout syndrome are quite different. Stress hormones affect all organ systems permanently negative so that theoretically a variety of physical disorders syndrome can be caused by a burnout. Very often it comes to effects on the cardiovascular system, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension or even extremely low blood pressure, dizziness, and strong heart palpitations are often to watch. Also the immune system is weakened, due to the permanent stress loads, thereby increasing the susceptibility to diseases and infections. Migraine and frequent headaches may also occur with appropriate inclination. Very many The stress of directly affects patients the muscles, especially the neck and back muscles. Back and neck pain occur very often patients burnout. The same applies to gastric and intestinal disorders. In extreme cases the Burnout Syndrome leads to the complete collapse, sufferers pass out and have to be supplied immediately medically. Tinnitus and tinnitus are also typical symptoms of burnout syndrome, in the worst case even a sudden hearing loss can be the result.

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