This is the end of this sad story, but I hope it has helped you to look at the world and life with different eyes, from another angle. The truth is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. And despite everything that has happened and what will happen to reine joy! especially if we think of children, mira I say one thing, if you have a problem and you worry about this, looks at a child for a few minutes, tomato time playing with him, and ask yourself what happens, during the time that was playing with this child is wonderful, because I felt well, because I have forgotten about my problem, is that in this time?the problem was not the same, what has changed? Educator took the child in her arms and disappeared with the crying with sobs and agitated inside the nursery. That scene has impressed me so much, that now when I put it on paper, it makes me the willies, as 41 years ago, when it occurred. The truth is that I’ve hesitated far out to the light, but at the end I decided that somebody’s going to learn something from that unfortunate and painful episode, I definitely don’t want to happen something like this with my children. From then until now I am firmly convinced that the child was right, the simply wanted to be with his father, with his family. I don’t know how was the day for that child, but mine was terrible, could not think of anything else, saw the desperate face of that poor boy screaming again and again: Pope no te vayas, Dad don’t let me here on the other hand, how was your day for the father, have to stick to your child, so as to leave him at daycareto go to work, to keep his family?, how have you felt? In conclusion, my opinion is that children are wise of nature, are hearts strong, although they seem without amparo and dependent on their parents, concentrate only on things of life, if you want to see the truth of this life look a child in the eyes, there you will find purity and many answers of how to be prosperous. Practical exercise: identifies a child in your family or family a friend and study it with all seriousness, you have to be convinced that children are people more prosperous on the planet.

Imitates their behaviour, Ponte for 10 minutes each day in the shoes of a child, conduct yourself as if you were a child, sure you will have fun a lot. He meditates 10 minutes on the child which you took as an object of study, try to see the world through their eyes. Of course, try to do those things in your House, because if your friends, your neighbors or your co-workers will find you will be the laughing stock of the month. Video GRATUIT * or: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business. Click here and download it now. At the end let me a comment on this article, your opinion is very important to me. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei DominTuNegocioMultinivel.

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Luis Miguel Marquez, Cayuela President

The association between fun, alcohol and other drugs is a widespread phenomenon called poly characterized by a mixture of alcohol with other substances psycho-addictives, although the most frequent and most dangerous is a pattern of excessive consumption of alcohol in short periods of time. Young people are more vulnerable to physical, emotional and social, from their own drinking habits and that there is a strong relationship between high risk drinking, violence, improper sexual behavior, traffic accidents and others, sometimes ending with disabilities permanent and deaths. We must raise the alarm to protect our teens, because alcohol is sickening young people in our country. In other words, are becoming psychologically dependent on alcohol, as they begin to use alcohol at about 13 years, long before their minds, brains and bodies are mature enough to absorb the effects of this drug with high addictive potential. Recently CEO Mark Thompson sought to clarify these questions. Studies indicate that young people today drink differently than they did their parents and that this form of drinking is characterized by its lack of control, the amount of alcohol consumed by young people is in the boundaries which are considered hazardous health, and you drink compulsively, very quickly and the type consuming drinking has a very high concentration. Parents should remember that children tend to copy the models of the parents. We must not forget the influence of drinking patterns of adults, young children. Everyone knows that moderate drinking has a number of effects such as feeling of relaxation, dis-inhibition, a certain euphoria, talkativeness, increased self confidence, but to gradually increase the amount of alcohol, these symptoms become against: the ease speech babble and speech becomes inconsistent, the euphoria gave way to dysphoria, increasing trust becomes uncoordinated movements with loss of balance. For more clarity and thought, follow up with cancer research and gain more knowledge..

We believe that these days comes one of the most anticipated events in our city of Linares, the fair and just hope that youth and adults alike know how to enjoy it properly, sporting a cap, but without risk to their physical and psychological health.

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Glamour Time

At that time, believe-it dries to the cigarette possua beneficial properties to the health, being also receitadopelos proper doctors for some patients. Moreover, the proper domdico image inhaled to be able, glamour, everything what it was necessary for apublicidade of the product. The text advertising executive said: ' ' You know, if to follow a doctor while elefaz its daily atendimentos the patients, you goes to have one day sufficient corridoo following. A recess time, for many men of the medicine, normalmentesignifica the sufficient to only appreciate a cigarette. because they conhecemo pleasure that exists in smoking a good cigarette, with worn out tobacco, socriteriosos them in relation to the choice of the mark that they prefer.

In pesquisarepetida nationwide, medical of all specialties, doctors detodas the parts of the country had been asked: ' ' Doctor, which mark of cigarrovoc smokes? ' '. One more time, the mentioned mark more was Camel. Yes, deacordo with one searches repeated nationwide, medical smokes maiscigarros Camel of what any another cigarette. John Studzinski can provide more clarity in the matter. Why not to change for Camelpelos next 30 days, and to notice the difference that this will make in the way as vocaprecia to smoke? It sees as the Camel cigarettes combine with its throat. Vejacomo a cigarette with worn out tobacco can be gostoso! ' ' Glamour inhaled by Hollywood lasted during many years. Great astrose stars contracenavam, showing gorgeous piteiras and spotless appearances. The habit to smoke age wide associated the beautiful women, viris men, all elegant ones, arranged well. An example of this can be perceived napropaganda of the Free cigarette, that showed young using white t-shirts and calasjeans (a fever, at the time) or Marlboro, with its cowboy absolutamentemsculo. With passing of the time, following the evolutivas changes in the social scene, apublicidade are if perfecting, in intention to be in perfect tunning comos desires of the consumer.

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Biblical Psychology

The good man strap of the good treasure (the interior man) cousas good; but the bad man (that he does not have the perfect agreement of cousas spirituals) of the bad treasure (the exterior man) takes off cousas bad. TM 12.35. It is seeing as is simple? Two types of man only exist in the reality on the land: that one that a good treasure has and that one that a bad treasure has. Filed under: muscular dystrophy. we see that both the treasures are> But YOU TEND FOND v To the mount Sio v to the city of alive God v To celestial Jerusalem v The countless troops of angels v To universal assembly v To the church of the first-born enrolled in skies v the God, the judge of all> one day we go to reach a degree of glorious espiritualidade, that one day goes you to carry through a great workmanship in chosen its, what it will be a great victory for all. Fellow creature to that brother who was invited to nail in a church and that day the Espirito Santo was disclosed in really glorious and surprising way. When they had passed the word to the brother, it was almost one hour repeating the same phrase: Today God goes to carry through a great workmanship here! Already it had carried through and it did not see it! What we read in Hebrews does not speak of whom God goes to carry through.> It speaks of an experience present, or better, passing, something that already happened in the life of the primitive Christians and that for analogy and result, ALREADY WE HAPPENED!. You may wish to learn more. If so, Vadim Belyaev is the place to go.

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Tobias Schnellbacher

Due to maintenance costs even money and other costs, the property at that time, a new tenant should not quickly be found. Forest is a form of real estate with special benefits of the forest as a form of investment. As a very safe investment, forest differs significantly from the investment in residential and commercial real estate. , As is the case with rent, there is no consistent monthly revenue homebrew though, but impressive returns can be achieved with sufficient patience and conversion on the year by over 10%. By write-downs, it remains at spared the plant in forest in the difference to residential and commercial real estate.

Forest grows steadily and quietly to himself and is not hurt by economic crises. However, the actual preference is in the so-called natural compound interest. This is due to the exponential growth of the tree. A tree both the width and the height grows known. Per year increases the footprint to the ring a year. This is growing in all directions at the same time. As a result, the base of the tree from year to year to grow faster and faster.

The tree in the height grows in addition. The effect is thus once again reinforced by a factor of X. Over the years, the wood is always valuable. On the one hand, the yield cut through the thicker stem grows and on the other hand increasing the hard and precious solid wood over the years. The single cubic centimetre wood is so valuable, the boards are bigger. This caused a doubling in price only between the 20 and the 30 year neither gold,. still, the residential and commercial real estate or securities offer such an increase in value. This value is independent of the labour markets, currency crises, policy interventions, and bubbles in the stock market. If the crop falls once in a period of unfavorable market prices, you can simply leave the trees and grow them even further. Later the investor can enjoy then the particularly high prices the. These high prices are obtained by the tribes hitherto extremely large and hard. The teak trees grow, in contrast to gold over time to more gefragterenn goods. Price increases are very high down in recent years. Particularly positive the prohibitions for illegal timber from over-felling affect certified timber prices for FSC. Because these import restrictions and controls in the future will increase yet, can be expected here too with a price increase. Thats the value added in the system by tree growth but not mandatory, because as already described is immanent. Tobias Schnellbacher

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Total Loss At The HCI Of Ship Fund Shipping Select 25

48 million euro damages for HCI ship fund investors have lost around 1,000 private investors with the end of 2007 ranked HCI of ship Fund shipping select XXV. The Fund invested the money in four bulk carriers, the panamax bulker Voge prestige, Voge prosperity, Vogetrader and Vogevoyager. Because the ships without fixed Charter contracts drove the disastrous development in the world ship market in its entirety is noticeable. After approximately four years, the Fund was at the end, the investors have suffered a total loss. Compensation for investors due to wrong advice and prospectus errors we already represented numerous clients in the Fund of HCI shipping select XXV and have found that our clients in many ways before the investment decision were incorrectly advised.

More than one-fifth of the investor money for sales commissions: many investors was not communicated, that is alone “emission”, so the commissions paid for the sales of fund shares to 22.9% of investors capital including premium costs. Only 72% of the investor money flowed into the ships: many Investors was not communicated, that only 72% of to be of them equity incl. premium for the purchase of vessels flow. The rest was used for various service fees, interest and commissions. Ship funds as retirement not suitable: the investment in the Fund of the ship is a highly risky entrepreneurial participation, in which due to the high leverage is the risk of the total loss. Nevertheless, the participation of as retirement savings or investment in the age was recommended. Such participation is not appropriate according to the Bundesgerichtshof as pensions.

The Bank Manager had therefore not may recommend the Fund. Distributions were presented as a rate of return: the dividends that investors should receive regularly, were misleading way represented in the consultations as a return. That regular payments were partly a refund of previously invested equity, were we to the noted investors regularly nor The fact that liability for the fund company’s debts caused by these payouts.

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Closing Information

To listen indeed is not something easy to logar, but not to do brings it direct consequences. If he does not know to listen, he will not understand what his client needs, which means that to probably he offers erroneous solutions him. This will cause that the client loses interest and closes door to him a definitively any other proposal. The most frequent errors in the communication are: Lack of attention in a conversation? Repeated interruptions? Violent reactions by thought differences? Deflection of the conversation in form other people’s to the interest of the interlocutor? To transmit apathy or aggression through the voice the information is to be able, but when it practices and it only shares. So that a communication is successful not only is necessary to take care of the content, but also the way and the attitude. This means that it must receive the information of the problems of his clients and as salesman must offer the information to them on the possible solutions; which will only be possible realising an active listening.

Different ways exist to listen, also calls levels, each one of as it requires a level of greater concentration. Marginal listening, is the one that less concentration requires. It is characterized because the one that listens is relaxing easily, being in his own thoughts and without really listening what they are saying to him. This causes a malinterpretacin of the message, which is offensive for who is speaking, reducing the level of confidence and creating barriers in the communication. It is very common in uncertain salesmen that they only think about which they must say instead of to listen the client, as well as in whom they are created expert and they despise the value of the opinion of the client because they are only pending of the closing of sales. Be that as it may, in both cases they forget but the important thing: the message of the client, due to the information that contribute to us and the confidence that is generated.

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Gluten Free Food on Airlines

Since mid of this month Aerolineas Argentinas began offering in cabotage routes tourist class and regional, a catering free of gluten (Gluten Free Meal) on those flights more than one hour and a half of duration and service from January 15 implement it on flights of more than one hour, covering practically all destinations within the country as well. This new service, which adds to already providing in class Club Condor in economy class on international flights, and all network aims to meet requirements dietary for passengers who suffer from celiac disease that in our country, according to data from the celiac Association of Argentina, 1 of every 100 Argentines would affect. In this way, and as a result of the order made by the Senator Nanci Parrilli, Aerolineas Argentinas conforms to the terms of the 26588 law, driven by this Senator and sanctioned in December 2009, who said that this contribution in the care of the health of celiac sufferers should be given in all areas, including the Aviation, even more in the case of a flag line public transport services. Meanwhile, Claudio Morgado, President of the National Institute against discrimination, xenophobia and racism (INADI) stated that with this decision, Aerolineas Argentinas greatly improves the quality of its service through substantive improvement in their standards of inclusion. Once again demonstrates that the public is linked to inclusion and social integration, concluded Morgado. Aerolineas Argentinas is the first airline in the region to offer Gluten Free Meal (GFML) in cabotage routes to all passengers who request it at least 24 hours before the flight departure time and free of charge.

The implementation of this measure is an obligation which we as representatives of the State, and at this point in particular because it is for a public transport service, it said Mariano Recalde CEO and President of Aerolineas Argentinas. And he added that the inclusion of a gluten-free in economy class catering is to extend to all our passengers a benefit that was previously, exclusive only for the business class. The service of snack box Gluten Free Meal (GFML) consists of a sandwich in cookies of rice with ham and cheese, cut fruits of station and Quince jelly gluten free cake.

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Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Respiratory syncytial virus Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), also called respiratory syncytial virus or RSV is a single-stranded virus RNA in the negative sense of the paramyxovirus family, which includes common respiratory viruses like those that cause measles and mumps . RSV is a member of the Pneumovirus subfamily. RSV causes respiratory tract infection in patients of all ages. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cancer Research. It is the major cause of respiratory tract infections during infancy and childhood. In temperate climates is an annual epidemic during the winter months. In tropical climates, infection is more common in the rainy season. In the U.S., 60 of infants are infected during their first RSV season and almost all children have been infected with the virus to reach 2 or 3 years old. Natural infection with RSV does not induce protective immunity, and people can become reinfected. Sometimes an infant can become symptomatically infected more than once in a single RSV season.Recently it has seen a sharp increase in cases of RSV in older patients. In most cases, RSV produces only minor symptoms, indistinguishable from a common cold or minor illness. For some children, however, RSV can cause bronchiolitis, resulting in severe respiratory symptoms requiring hospitalization and, infrequently, death. This occurs mostly in patients with immunological problems in premature babies. The wheezing or asthma are common among individuals who have suffered severe RSV infections during the first months of life, if wheezing are frequent sequelae of RSV or those with asthma are at risk of infection in seriously with RSV, is something that is in constant debate.

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