Successful presentation of on trend trade show for optics opti 09 jointly presented themselves in the last few days the audiologist community HorRex and the IGA OPTIC optician community within the framework of the opti’ 09, the international trade show for trends in optics. Many visitors took the opportunity, and gathered at the exhibition stand of the cooperation partners in the new Munich trade fair centre about offers and services of both communities. Only a few weeks ago HorRex and IGA OPTIC had announced plans for a continued cooperation. Aim of the cooperation should be useful to complement existing competencies. With an appearance at the opti’ 09 there was now a first common activity. With about 290 stores, the HorRex of hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal is one of the leading shopping and marketing communities of German listening acoustics industry. Germany more than 450 optics shops belonging to the IGA interest community optics EC (IGA OPTIC) headquartered in dates. Among the members of both communities are to many companies that are active in the field of optics, as well as in the hearing aid acoustics.

The representatives of both communities of performance were extremely satisfied with their first joint trade fair appearance from 23 to 25 January in Hall C2 of the new Munich trade fair centre. The appearance here was another concrete step in Munich and a lively cooperation with our partners from the IGA OPTIC “, so Tannassia Raghavan, an Executive Member of the Board of HorRex. In the three days of the fair, it succeeded to make a whole series of new contacts. “” Also our joint stand was popular point of contact for members of both communities. “the great interest and the response of the trade visitors confirm to us that this activity was worth”, including Carsten Schunemann, Managing Director of the IGA OPTIC.

A trust-based and continuous cooperation of our community with the HorRex was seen well by many interlocutors as a great opportunity.” Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HorRex was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide about 290 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HorRex care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HorRex provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members. For more information, see to IGA – community of interests optics EC (IGA OPTIC) headquartered in dates is a leading marketing and sales network of the German optics industry. The cooperative was founded in 1981 by successful eye opticians. Today belong to the Federation over 450 optics shops from all Germany map. The IGA OPTIC aims to offer people a comprehensive advice as well as innovative products for good looks and fashionable appearance. The headquarters in dates supports the operations of the Association in many areas, allows the eye opticians, to focus on their own core competences and promotes the economic success of the members. Own brands, marketing support, comprehensive services and community shopping are the three pillars of the business concept of the IGA OPTIC. For more information, see

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Robbie Williams And Conny Cramer

Robbie Williams and Conny Cramer – his stalker from Dusseldorf melting Hutter village, July 12, 2009 – the Conny Cramer can not allow, continue against Robbie Williams and his friends the authors: Sylvia Poth, Jessica Hund, Wolfgang Fiedler, Sabine Beuke, Helga Schittek, Jens Petersen and Jutta Schutz, doctors from Sweden, Prof. Dr. Hans Jorg Prizzibillia, Attorney at law Dr. Barner, etc. funny, if also mistaken press reports to publish. It’s called also stalking and throughout Germany knows Conny Cramer! Already flown out from many press portals, Conny has founded a private press portal, where she published their press releases.

Anyone who themselves break would like to laugh, can read these mistaken press reports on cc-news service. Conny Cramer is very versatile. As Bundestag parliamentarian, lays them tickets, is clairvoyant, journalist, doctor, therapist for alien contact, legal adviser for constitutional law and international law, and is also active in the parapsychology. She also has extensive experience 19,20,21,63,64 (inability to blame). The Robbie Williams can do an already very sorry! But you have to be as sick, to publicly keep track of every friend of Robbie Williams? Conny Cramer even released, she was sentenced by the Court as a stalker against Robbie Williams. Source: Unfortunately these stalkers do not see often their wrong businessportal24-Conny Cramer, because there are mentally ill people. The spectrum of the so-called stalking behaviors can range even to physical violence to killing.

Such physical attacks or the exercise of physical violence come after an analysis of the Technical University of Darmstadt in cooperation with the white ring, in every fifth case. Since March 31, 2007, the adjustment is provided by 238 punishable StGB. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with a split personality. It is in science are still discussed, whether schizophrenia is a single disease (entity) or whether it is a represents heterogeneous group of disorders with different causes. “In contrast to the disease dementia” schizophrenia does not destroy all cognitive functions. The symptoms of this disease to a certain extent depend on the personality and the symptoms are very variable and can change often during the day. Frequent auditory hallucinations and voices heard about 80% of those suffering in a schizophrenic psychosis. These voices can occur suddenly of sentences that say to people. For example, an affected Party believes to be observed or abducted by aliens or ghosts. He suffers often to paranoia or neighbors, friends, family or others to harm him. Often, the sick have also the delusional belief that a chip or similar is implanted in her head. For the person affected is always the certainty that the delusional presented actually happens. These symptoms increase with increasing disease duration. These lead to How to contact with errors and social withdrawal. Until today, schizophrenic disorders are not curable. Certainly, we will have probably still long to read press reports by Conny Cramer. And all authors thank Conny Cramer very diligently making advertising as a result. Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and worked as a Secretary and tour guide. In addition, she studied psychology. She lived in the United States, Morocco and South Africa and today in Bruchsal.

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Car Insurance: So Expensive Your Car Will

New type classes in the car insurance from immediately valid: 19 per cent of the 100 most-driven cars in Germany are more expensive Berlin, September 25, 2008, for hundreds of thousands of German car owners insurance could be again more expensive for their cars in the next year. The current changes in the types of car insurance are for this reason. According to data of the General Association of German insurance business\”(GDV) remains the same for 70 percent of the vehicles in the motor insurance. As the independent consumer portal has researched toptarif.de in this context, there are many changes but for the commonly used models in the Federal Republic. Of the 100 most-driven cars in Germany approximately every fifth car at the motor insurance is classified higher than ever before\”, makes clear by toptarif.de insurance expert Thorsten Bohg. These ratings are a key factor for the calculation of the insurance premium and can significantly on the amount of annual costs affect.\” In contrast to the new classifications in the insurance, there are positive changes for many motorists in partial and fully comprehensive insurance.

Almost half of the cars under consideration by us is classified better in partial or full coverage area\”continues Bohg. On the other only 7 per cent of the vehicles, which are more expensive in at least one of the two segments are available.\”right now should be used the chance to compare and to change the car insurance. The current type classes now apply to new registrations, in contracts, they are effective from January\”so Bohg. Note car holder should also the 30th November. \”‘ Up to this date, they have the opportunity to cancel their old policy and pointed to a new insurance policy to change.\”In addition to the premiums car owners should make sure when changing to proper trimming of car insurance\”Bohg. Who, for example, dispenses with the freedom of workshop or other additional services, can significantly reduce his premium.

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Puerto Rico Language

The director of the American Academy of Spanish language, Gerardo Pina-Rosales, has considered today in Burgos that the Spanish spoken in United States is a variant of the language which should normalize to unify criteria and has affirmed that this entity works with that goal. In the presentation of one of the best books on the subject, the Spanish and their literature in United States, edited by the Institute de la Lengua de Castilla y Leon, which brings together diverse works and research, Pina-rosales explained that the Spanish spoken in that country must have thing before the recognition of an idiom as which defines the Spanish spoken in ArgentinChile or Puerto Rico. Pina-Rosales has acknowledged that the United States Spanish is creating is with a clear influence of English, especially in the use of certain words, rather than at the syntactic level. However, have you considered that it is not something negative that languages enrich each other. Whenever Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, has warned that the influence of English is He appreciated more in the language that is used on the street than in the academic, which makes much needed normalization, since it’s Spanish speakers from different backgrounds, although the language they speak is common in more than 80%, thus allowing them to understand perfectly. Enrique Ruiz-Fornells, one of the coordinators of the work, former President and founder of the Association of graduates and doctors of Spanish in the United States, has highlighted the importance of native Spanish teachers who give classes in language and culture to Americans, whose contribution to accelerate immersion in the Spanish and their growth has been decisive. In addition, Ruiz-Fornells has insisted on the difference between the Spanish spoken with character popular in the United States and which is taught in the universities, it is academically correct. In this sense explained that teachers of Spanish in the United States follow the grammar and the rules of language academies, and shown favour that It is the United States Academy which unify the Spanish spoken..

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North Spring Is Coming!

Season opening at Tonning Hotel Miramar In the sixth year of the exhibition realigns its focus the Eidersperrwerk Hotel Miramar (Eiderstedt/Schleswig-Holstein) and would like to move above all the cultural landscape Eiderstedt / West Coast in the heart of its activities. Carried out two of the year’s exhibitions will air in collaboration with the art”. Art climate is a project of over 50 artists, presenting itself with joint exhibitions and brochures of an interested public (www.kunstklima.de). The term art climate”is to take this quite literally: because who here lives in the harsh climate of the North Sea coast, is of course also directly influenced the landscape and its features and incorporated this into his works. To the start of the season on 15 March 10-15 local artists show therefore works on the topic of North Sea spring”, which are mostly specially created for this exhibition and by an expert jury have been selected. The regional and the seasonal reference should be clearly expressed.

This first exhibition organised jointly by the art climate and the Hotel Miramar should use an accent that will give the impulse of to another, more creative collaboration. Raises this term which associations North Sea spring”for the artists? And what makes a spring on the North Sea so special? The artistic responses are as varied as the techniques; but they have in common: they all are characterized by the rough nature of the coast, where it has year after year feeling, the spring must fight it particularly hard for his awakening. And you can tell in the pictures and photographs: they hover between the spring light of optimism and a delicate melancholy in the face of the indomitable forces of nature which at any time can turn a tepid Fruhlingsluftchen in an unfriendly spring storm. Exactly in this field of tension, the works move the Art-air artists and so also the viewer provide impetus, to reflect on the cultural landscape of Eiderstedt. The following artists have agreed to participate: Thomas Freund; Urte Walter-Kolb; Sibille Rehder; Karen Seggelke; Ursula Schultz Sana; Helga Hoppe; Karin Dreyer; Elena Steinke; Edda Maria Schmidtke; Sigrid Nolte Schefold; Frauke Petersen; Christine Hahn; Manfred Hahn; Monika Rathlev, Linda Hamkens.

Opening: 15.3.2009, 11:30. The Greater New York Construction User Council pursues this goal as well. Introduction to the exhibition: Dr. Katrin Schafer Hotel Miramar, Westerstr. 21, 25832 Tonning, Tel.: 04861-9090. opening hours: daily 8:00 to 23:00. Until 3 May 2009 events and press releases: Dr. Katrin Schafer, Tel.: 04841 / 939662

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Sometimes, the language helps us to reformulate the reality or perpetuate it in their vices. When we express the message of our interlocutor with other similar words (sometimes euphemistic and sometimes more adjusted to reality), we can help you find a new approach in the solution. One older person can tell us: my daughter is a descastada and one undesirable that never remembers me. Our response can not reassert that view since it would deepen the chasm between mother and daughter and even get into a problem with the family. In fact, when our task will be to try to rebuild ties. Without removing the reason we respond something like: I understand, are very disgusted with the attitude of your daughter. The most frequent error of whom reformulates is to faithfully reproduce the opinion of another person. In the example that we are discussing the leg could put responding: If, as I understand it, I realized that her daughter is a miserable that has forgotten about you.

And some volunteers will end with a formula fatal: but don’t worry, I’m here that I will come to see you. Only thus we got more rouse the spirits of the other person, without causing you any emotional relief and few practical compensation. It is often more successful to start conversations – especially with strangers – when we use themes neutral, outside personnel waiting for the other (this place is nice, he saw the game yesterday?, do you hear about what happened this morning in the gran Via?, we have a time of dogs) if we have opportunity, is very advantageous to know beforehand the centres of interest of the other person. In the case of older persons, their centers of interest can turn lathe to his family or his memories; If we talk about children, games, computers, football, school topics that we can use to attract their interest and playing more forward other issues). Recommended, in general, the use of open (and what questions did it happen?, how do you feel?, why it affected you both that matter?) rather than the closed (how many years do you have?, where would you have gone this morning?, which disease do you have?, etc).

Open-ended questions leave more freedom to another to give an answer with which you feel comfortable; in a few cases it will require and leave unpleasant aspects in which you do not want to enter in the air. We can use tastes and opinions questions to keep the conversation. We can practically ask opinion about any topic to another person. According to the degree of confidence that we can join that person, we can ask him about affairs more light (sport, weather, cinema), or on matters relating to news, politics, religion etc that give rise to more personal conversations and more courageous opinions. In any other field, such as social skills, volunteers are apprentices who we have to move with prudence, caution and humility.

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Safer Internet Day

ichimnetz.de is involved in pan-European campaign / celebrities and social networks of Cologne, 08 February 2010 tomorrow, on February 9, 2010, the international safer Internet Day takes place for the fourth time. Thousands of events in over 60 countries back the issue of Internet safety in focus. With it I is for the first time on the net \”. Under celebrities from show, music and Internet scene are stand on that day from 9:00 hourly in the Exchange, to their own Web activities. With the frontman of the band are lightning, Marius Follert and Niels Wildung, young entrepreneurs and developers of the top online game Penner game under other federal family Minister Dr. Kristina Kohler, the VIVA-moderator Jan Koppen, Gunslinger, Johannes Strate, Germany’s best young band 2009, liquid\”or Mario coarse wood, founder of muon ID media. So Jan Koppen reported VIVA: the social Web is for me something like the digital schoolyard in the world.

If you want to play, you can find others who also want to play. Want to you exchange Panini stickers, you find also, that want to do that. For everyone there is what he needs on this schoolyard 2.0. I am at the moment but rather who turns rather on the edge and watching – maybe because I like to wisely on things up, maybe because I also still don’t quite trust this mass of incentives or simply, because I do not want to spend the time, to throw to me with comments and life stock. Johannes Strate, Gunslinger, thinks: I use facebook and myspace to be with my friends. I have found many old, long-lost friends in facebook. so I visited there again hit and then an old school friend for example in San Francisco. So, the reality is then quickly from virtual world. Care has on extremely only when all portals, what it reveals how by.

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It is well known that there are a significant number of people with enough money and space to allow the construction of a nuclear shelter staff for themselves and loved ones so that, in the case of a hypothetical nuclear attack at a global level, they can survive in it long enough until the danger passes. Because it seems that you for those who are fortunate to enjoy the wonderful island of Ibiza, this problem can be passed to the queue in terms of our preferential concerns already that, according to the well-known French anthropologist Michel de Notre – Dame, better known as Nostradamus, in the event of nuclear war the only place on the planet is that survival will be possible will be Ibizadue to their special currents of air. Certainly for those who like prophecies, planetary and events more pseudo-science that give much magical insight but no less certain of the world in which we live, is an interesting story and even, in extreme cases, an absolute truth. From my point of view, the real news It is the use that institutions can make this small magical tale, for putting Ibiza on the map, a boring winter. How gossip becomes news and for some absolute truths in the world is full; information travels so quickly nowadays and the need by many of a parallel world of magic and beyond our control makes this type of stories calen in many, who may say with the excitement of the world that they live in the place in which Nostradamus discovered paradise.

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Gallardn Sells

The Olympic Games to which it inhales Madrid will celebrate in 2020. Lack much. Lack as much that, if they allow it to the markets, the crisis can by then be a painful memory of the past. To that Alberto clings Ruiz-Gallardn, who sees itself in brete explain to the citizenship why Madrid cannot fail to take advantage of the opportunity, why the economic scarcities do not have to ballast the Olympic aspirations of the capital. Cancer researchs opinions are not widely known. In the crowded press room of the new City council, in the Palace of Post office, a word was heard yesterday mainly: austerity. The mayor, the leader of the socialist municipal group appeared and ex- Secretary of State for Deporte, Jaime Lissavetzky, and the one of the popular group, Manuel Cobo. And they repeated all it. One was to transmit an idea: that nobody lies down to shake, because the Olympic dream will not leave expensive. Source of the news: : Gallardn sells a candidacy of low cost

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Daktronics Video Display

Since the installation of LED video displays by Daktronics Rena multi purpose arena has the O another attraction. The home of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies (basketball and volleyball men and women’s teams) 3 meters x 9 meters, on the game box wall mounted, can now proudly on a display with the masses. The display can both individual images as divided in multi window full action show. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Dark on most websites. Statistics, graphics, Ami nation, live and aufgezeichente videos, it can be seen now in the course of the game in the arena. The new system is connected to the already existing Daktronics scoreboards and Zeitnehmsystemen.

“To place the order at Daktronics was never in doubt, the company is known for turnkey concepts, on-time delivery and their legendary commitment to each project. The display has exceeded our expectations, ” Simon said Dover, Associate Director of athletics. “Despite the short time we have received many, many compliments and our fans are absolutely thrilled with this purchase. Yet we know not all possibilities, This display and its state-of-the-art software offer. Only with time and experience we will exploit all the possibilities that are offered here. One thing we know but today, the quality of the display is second to none. The display is the focus of investment each of the faculties here based coming benefit. this new acquisition” Jeff Buckley from the sales team Daktronics commented “we are proud that we were chosen this system improvement in this great facility to bring.” Our well maintained over the years with this school partnership has proven itself once again.

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