Anabolizantes esterides is natural and synthetic hormones, that make with that the cells grow and if they divide, provoking the development of some types of fabrics, mainly the sseo and the muscular one. According to Dean Ornish M.D, who has experience with these questions. These substances, most of the time are derived from the masculine hormone sexual, the testosterone, that generally are ingested by saw verbal or injectable. for knowledge. University of Iowa College of Medicine shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This metabolic process constructs bigger molecules, from other minors. The anabolizantes had been discovered in 1930, being that since this time, them they have been used in many medical procedures, to stimulate the sseo growth, the appetite and the muscular growth mainly in the puberty, when they perceive that this process is delayed. The use in the medicine most common of esterides anablicos is when some cases of very serious chronic atony exist, as in the case of Cancer or AIDS. The anabolizantes can produce many effect collateral, mainly when they are managed in high doses. ar findings.

They can also increase cholesterol LDL, diminishing the HDL. As well as they increase the pressure and the acne. At last several other problems of health will be able to happen. Nowadays, the anabolizantes are very argued, therefore its use without any medical control can cause serious problems, mainly between the esportistas. Some countries already have laws, that they control the distribution and the use of the same ones, for example, Canada, the United kingdom and United States. As the anabolizantes very they are argued in relation to its very serious collateral effect, the certainty would be that before use any product of this type, a doctor was consulted. Certainly it has natural alternatives well less harmful. If it does not forget that examinations always must be facts, case if it makes the use of the same ones. Most important it is to have an excellent feeding, to make physical exercises and if exactly thus you will not be satisfied with its image, you she must look a doctor who with certainty you will have physical or exactly psychological aid.

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