Many parts of the world currently suffer the increase of temperature, fire, heat, what reminds us especially in the months of summer, how sensitive is the natural balance and the impact of human activities on our environment. But stress, life hectic in cities, and the difficulties seem to have transported away from our true existence. Nature, animals, the elements are then exploited without any feeling. Wantonly we eat the flesh of animals that have lived his short life in cruel stables, Miss pesticides and seed handled to the fields to get the most benefit, emptied the seas of fish and hunt in the fields cruelly, filled the atmosphere of communication antennas and all contribute to this because we let ourselves be carried away by the influence of the media. It almost seems that man has ceased to exist as to be capable of thinking for himself. This is not perhaps the result of selfishness and insensibility of our hearts to our environment? Who is thus the cause of? does that currently affect us? Who lists in his life to people and to the kingdoms of nature, is in comunicacion with the life of the universe, then life, in its multiplicidad, will thank you by giving away in plenitud, and obsequiara to all those who go to the fountain of life. Who respects life, also known eterno home and already on Earth is living in the middle of paradise, because they serve the kingdoms of nature and the elements obey him. The four elements, fire, water, Earth and aire form the breathing of the Earth System.

If this regular rhythm is disturbed again and again by humans, with the tiempo over the entire body it will be alterado and seran influenced by both magnetic currents and magnetic fields of the Earth. Each change within the Earth and about her is for its part a change in humans, animals and plants and transforms incluso irradiation of minerals. Who intervenes in the laws COSMICAS and alter them, inevitably creates dissonance in all levels of life on Earth and the earth itself and since every pensamiento, every word and every act is energy and as no power is lost, both positiva as refusal then falls on the causante, or about the man and his soul.

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