Demulsibility Oils

Series Oil Castrol and bp. Series lubricants and Castrol bp – an effective combination of base oils with high viscosity index and a specially chosen additive package. Are made based on synthetic hydrocarbon liquids, free of wax. The most effective use in a continuously operating screw compressors with oil injection, where it was originally mixed with air, which creates conditions for intensive high-temperature oxidation. Can be used in rotary compressors with high temperatures of air, marine turbochargers, as well as compressors, where the great danger of the formation of varnish deposits and coke. Oils in this series are fully compatible with conventional mineral oils, greases, oils slideways but their mix can reduce the operational capability. They are also compatible with seal materials and hydraulic oils normally used in compressor engineering, as well as epoxy and urethane paints. Advantages. Possess anti-wear properties that reduce depreciation costs, reduces potential fire and explosion hazards, increase productivity filters; Demulsibility reduces the problems associated with the formation of emulsions in the coalescent and filters, have a wide temperature range, superior to all the parameters based on mineral oil, reduces wear on bearings and gears, reduces the formation of sludge in the sumps and lines injection. This product has a health certificate, no adverse effects on health when properly handled and used.

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