Emergency Medicine

Paramedics set up agency through health reform creates for providers in health care cost pressures, job cuts and last but not least unsatisfactory working conditions for the employees. All these factors have resulted in recent years increasingly personnel shortages in the rescue. Not occupied life saving equipment, aid deadlines prescribed by law to the part or lack of human resources for various medical services are the consequence. To counteract this problem have the paramedics joined Marcus Sandrock, Bernhard Mezger and Meik Hauss and founded an agency of rescue personnel and emergency medicine. Our intension is to compensate for staff shortages in the rescue by providing flexible paramedics, paramedics and Notarzten. While in life-threatening situations on fast and professional assistance of the ambulance service are people the focus of our activities, depend on”, so Marcus Sandrock, a founder and managing partner of med4work. Through their professional activities in different fields of the ambulance service, the founders of med4work know not only the needs and concerns of the rescue personnel and the emergency physician, but also the job / employer. “” This we the necessary know-how “bring to a reputable, to offer sound professional and above all service-oriented mediation service”, added Joe Hale.

In addition to the already well-known online arranging emergency physicians, the three young entrepreneurs have also specialised in the mediation by rescue personnel. Through the mediation by paramedics and emergency workers, we take into account the current requirements and needs in the rescue. Thus we can offer a specific qualification and expert referral service our customers from a single source”, so Bernhard Mezger. Med4work mediation service aimed at vehicle/head of Rescue services or ambulance locations, aid agencies, medical facilities and private companies (principal), need to provide a medical qualified rescue personnel or emergency medical service. Clients can use the low-cost mediation service to compensate for short – or long-term bottlenecks due to E.g. Continue to learn more with: Daniel Taub.

illness, vacation or other failures. The mediation service offers an opportunity to earn additional and good in more flexible organisation of working time paramedics, paramedics and Notarzten (contractor). The mediation service at for an affordable annual fee can be used since 30 November 2009. A Web-based platform provides supply and demand in momentum. Registered customers can publish round-the-clock mediation offers and and create a personal profile. A powerful online database offers extensive functions for an optimal targeting and rapid communication.

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