German Training

Study and earn money – young college with a rich tradition of Bologna has stirred mixed up the University landscape in Europe part process. The conversion to Bachelor and master the German graduates great advantages, for example, as regards the international comparability of their degrees. Criticized local seedlings courses, crowded classrooms and an increased workload are, however, of many. Source: Professor Roy Taylor. The example shows the German College for prevention and health management that the also another way. An early conversion to Bachelor and master in 2006 here has extensive practice experience with the new study standards. At the same time, the College relies on an optimization of the University’s own study system. So another room could be created, for example, at the Bachelor’s degree that combines a training and a distance learning course with compact attendance phases, extended from six to seven semester for the students. Study and money earn for many students it is difficult using side jobs to earn some money by streamlining the curricula.

At the Bachelor’s degree at the German University, students in the scope of their activities in the training company receive compensation on the basis of an Azubigehaltes. This ensures a certain financial security. At the same time they acquire important experience already during their studies. The training companies in turn can qualify as their own professional and junior leaders. “Due to the low absence times in training mode, they are able to their” to include students at an early stage also in responsible tasks. Young college with extensive tradition German University, emerged with their State recognition in July 2008 from the BSA private vocational Academy offers five Bachelor’s and two master’s degree programs specifically for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health. The University has study centres in Germany (Germany), Austria and of Switzerland.

Although emerged in 2008 from the BSA private vocational Academy, has the theme of education in the DHfPG has a long tradition. Because the College benefits from the over 30 years practical experience of its sister company in the part-time qualification, the BSA-Akademie. “” “” “The Bachelor’s programs at a glance: Bachelor of Arts” fitness economics, Bachelor of Arts ‘ sports economics, Bachelor of Arts “health management, Bachelor of Arts” fitness training and Bachelor of Arts “dietary advice. Following a Bachelor / diploma is studying for a master of Arts”prevention and health management, as well as a 2014 summer semester MBA course sports and health management.

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