Gluten Free Food on Airlines

Since mid of this month Aerolineas Argentinas began offering in cabotage routes tourist class and regional, a catering free of gluten (Gluten Free Meal) on those flights more than one hour and a half of duration and service from January 15 implement it on flights of more than one hour, covering practically all destinations within the country as well. This new service, which adds to already providing in class Club Condor in economy class on international flights, and all network aims to meet requirements dietary for passengers who suffer from celiac disease that in our country, according to data from the celiac Association of Argentina, 1 of every 100 Argentines would affect. In this way, and as a result of the order made by the Senator Nanci Parrilli, Aerolineas Argentinas conforms to the terms of the 26588 law, driven by this Senator and sanctioned in December 2009, who said that this contribution in the care of the health of celiac sufferers should be given in all areas, including the Aviation, even more in the case of a flag line public transport services. Meanwhile, Claudio Morgado, President of the National Institute against discrimination, xenophobia and racism (INADI) stated that with this decision, Aerolineas Argentinas greatly improves the quality of its service through substantive improvement in their standards of inclusion. Once again demonstrates that the public is linked to inclusion and social integration, concluded Morgado. Aerolineas Argentinas is the first airline in the region to offer Gluten Free Meal (GFML) in cabotage routes to all passengers who request it at least 24 hours before the flight departure time and free of charge.

The implementation of this measure is an obligation which we as representatives of the State, and at this point in particular because it is for a public transport service, it said Mariano Recalde CEO and President of Aerolineas Argentinas. And he added that the inclusion of a gluten-free in economy class catering is to extend to all our passengers a benefit that was previously, exclusive only for the business class. The service of snack box Gluten Free Meal (GFML) consists of a sandwich in cookies of rice with ham and cheese, cut fruits of station and Quince jelly gluten free cake.

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