Help Your Dog During Cold Season

The new dog coats are modern outdoor clothing in nothing. When selecting a warm padded dog coat for the winter make sure as far as possible that the dog coat well covered the sensitive underbelly of your dog. Especially small dogs need protection at the bottom of the stomach from rising cold. The current autumn winter collection of many well-known brands shows that the today’s dog coats are long modern functional clothing. The materials are similar to the outdoor clothing for us humans.

The exterior fabric is water repellent and yet the dog coat remains breathable. The dog coats for the winter are good warm and not complaining here, but light as a feather. And these are the trends for the current autumn / winter season 2013/14: A timeless traditional braid-knitted jumpers in many solid colors such as black, Brown, beige, fuchsia or lilac. And BlackBerry in the trend colours for this autumn, purple or lavender. At Christmas time the dog may with like a classic Norwegian pattern Bear Moose motif.

There is also this two-tone knit dog sweater in many different color variations. For those who like something simple for his dog, which chooses snowflake, which is discreetly placed on the rear back a dog sweater with the motif. The dog coats with the so-called cut-and-go principle are brand new”, which has developed the dog coat specialist Wolters. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. on most websites. These dog coats can harness, i.e. the dog coat is worn over the dog harness. A rubber profile to cut a is incorporated in the back part of the dog coat. Depending on where the attachment point of the dog harness is located, the rubber profile at this point can be cut. So far the easy rain kits”and winter jacket Amundsen” with the cut-and-go principle. Quite surprisingly, dog coats come along that change their appearance when it rains. So the contrasting two-tone dog coat magic creates “when it rains a pretty pattern on the back. The dog coat for the Deerns”in color Fuchsia / BlackBerry shows wet playful Gerlanden, the dog coat for the boys”in grey/graphite reveals an exciting Dragon motif in wet conditions. The easy rain dog coat”is a two-tone stepped dog rain coat with side Reflektoren.Bei the easy rain” materials are used also for modern met were employed. From the outside, the dog coat is windproof, water resistant up to 2,000 mm water column and breathability. Inside, the dog coat with a light mesh material is fed. So the dog coat in long play must not be removed. Also in this season, the classic among the dog coats place hold again. Include the Outdoorjacke Jack”, as well as the parka with pile collar. Both coats keep nicely warm and from the wetness. Read additional details here: Daryl Katz, Canada. Color is also for these classic models. A few years ago only the colors considered for dog coats black or brown face. Now not only the acceptance of dog coats has increased significantly, but there have also happy colors like red, pink or fuchsia catchment held. The majority of dog coats are available in the sizes 20-48 cm back length. There are more and more models but also for large to very large dog breeds with a back length up to 80 cm or in special sizes for short and stocky breeds such as the Pug and the Bulldog. The easy rain dog coat”is in the muted colours of black/black or black/chestnut as well as in the fresh colour combinations: black/lime, black/red or black/beige grey for example at available.

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