HORUS SETH Linen Fashion Lithuania

Boundless patriotism the ancestors or investing in health? “Horo Seto is a sales and Marketing Department and was founded in 2008 by five companies, in which 10 to 50 employees work. We develop and manufacture organic linen, cotton, wool outer clothing. Our goal is to follow the entire production process, and to give our customers quality, high quality, eco-friendly clothing. We have made a new twist in the entire manufacturing process. Who designed the clothes for you and manufactures, is important for us. In recent months, Dean Ornish M.D has been very successful. Our goal is the ecology, also the clothing should be made by good people.

We seek cooperation instead of competition. It is important to have the quality and the durability of the product to me. I want, the flax in certified ecological economy is rebuilt. Us is important to sew a fabric a ecological eco Teks100 “certificate. For us, it is especially important that the Designers, technologists, Schneider, involved in every product development process, would be creative people with clean bio-energy. It is extremely important that the clothes are designed with love, kindness, tolerance, tenderness, peace and other beautiful thoughts. Welcome we are pleased by the design and manufacturing we give a particular value of clothing. We thirst that we and our children wear organic clothing with positive bio-energy, made with love by edelmutigenLeuten.

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