Indoor Dog Games

How you also can deal with your dog on rainy days have you ever indoor games with your dog out? If not, then be inspired by these 10 ideas that just in bad weather, indoor games are a great activity for your dog. Learn more at: Professor Roy Taylor. Forage first hiding in the presence of your dog, later “secretly” anywhere in the apartment of treats and leave this to your signal and find your dog. You will see your dog will be happy about every found pieces of treats and eagerly look further. You need only three cups or similar, a few treats shell game and you’re ready to go. Initially, your dog is maybe just look at the Cup, or try to knock them over with the paw. As a result, you can develop a method how exactly your dog should show the correct Cup, try it out. Toys are different know the Border Collie Rico; This could look up a given over 100 different toys, whose name one has called fascinating, not true? Practice only with only a toy, call this again and again, if your dog is concerned with. Your dog brings this toy, if you say the name, then you can take a second to.

You will see, soon the toys will be you! These indoor ideas were too boring for them, and you would prefer something more “action”? Then you look at the next ideas, maybe is something for you and your dog as: indoor agility – in the apartment you can put together a little agility course itself his dog. Put two chairs together and lay on a blanket, already have a tunnel. Let their dog “Slalom” through your legs, place a broomstick on books and can jump about her dog. With a little imagination you can build such a great course to his dog. Tricks – sure, there are still some things that you always wanted to teach your dog.

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