Internet Search

The dramatic third stage of disenchantment, in which companies find that the Internet is not the panacea to get rich overnight and that to succeed, the business plans to sell products through an online store should take into consideration other traditional market factors and not just implement a shopping cart. And finally, a fourth stage in which companies, having experienced a series of experiences, many of them not exactly pleasant, have realized that the web pages themselves are effective in generating more business within and outside the country but the formula should include a promotional item. Indeed, in addition to those new terms such as the Internet, web, email, web pages, sites, hosting, bandwidth, e-commerce, online stores and portals, entrepreneurs and managers are beginning to integrate its corporate slang words such as other visits, traffic, statistics, position, promotion, search engines and of course, the term most recently cited among the business community which is the web positioning. Everyone wants to be in Google, but not just to be there, but want to be at the top, preferably in the top of results lists. The search engine optimization is just that, a promotion strategy that aims to put a web page inside of the first places in the results that show the search engines. Generally, once designed the website, employers will immediately assume the position. Having the purpose of your website to be the first to appear in search results of major search engines is not a bad idea, criticism in any case is the way we try to achieve this goal. .

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