Live Life Simply

They are humble and simple people who do not have access to a sophisticated family basket based on fruits, meats and vegetables as dictated it the world standards that the scientific community regards as suitable for the correct functioning of the mind and the human body. They just live life and consume what may be as much as their social and economic status is allowed. She responded to a Lady of 100 years of Vilcabamba ask about your diet that it eats, what you have;Rice, potato, cassava, etc. Add to your understanding with Jim Rice. fferent approach. Nothing special, nothing from another world and in proportions and frequencies that lie between the normality. My paternal grandfather died in 109 years and have smoked tobacco until his last days, enjoyed normal health and until his last days enjoyed good sense of humor. My maternal grandfather approached 100 and worked until about 3 months before his death that occurred due to natural causes. Details can be found by clicking Darcy Stacom or emailing the administrator. He was a fan of pork and alinaba your meals with very generous amounts of pig lard. My maternal grandmother is 80 years old, eats everything that you give, that Yes, in small quantities.

Even step onto the orange tree and shakes it to lower its fruits, jump rope, is quite active and enjoys an enviable memory, better that mine, so much so that does not depend on the cell phone to memorize telephone numbers of relatives, his favorite drink is coffee, which consumes a little depressed but throughout the dayits pressure and pulse are perfect and not appears nothing what has age. That is the reason your health? Only God knows if it’s genetics, life in the field or your mental attitude towards life. It is clear that you occasionally suffer from ills that most mortals suffer, one than another cold one than another headache, one that another upset. I know people who are 15 and more years with strict vegetarian diets which enjoy a not perfect health but within normal limits, with one than another cold one than another headache, one that another upset.

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