Lizard Summer

In the summer they fished robalo that it was in abundance at this time, as well as collected mussel and caramujo in the rocks of the beach, harvested face, cassava, and two hunted made in the summer, of the lizard that only appears in the summer and the wild dove that appeared here also in the months hottest, in the sea siri guau also leans as well as the more common fish parati in the coasts in the dark nights of summer. Then in the given age a series of survival possibilities. To put with the growth of the city this everything was disappearing and today already they are practically extinct, in the majority hunting victims/it fishes indiscriminate for I also deal or for the partial or total destruction of its habitat. It spoke to you of the animals, and the plants, which points in its opinion are .causing of the disappearance of some plants? R: Disordered progress, Matinhos grew disorderedly, it does not hear a planning, who wanted, cut trees that agreed to it, thinking about comfort and comfort rivers they had been filled with earth, and constructed houses being, test of this is caiob that it is inside of the beach, was thought about the native bush that alive there, in ' ' *garo' ' the turtles that disposed there? Not, they had destroyed and they simply constructed. Then pra to finish says in its opinion what it was the .causing greater of the disappearance of plants and native animals of our coast? Disordered growth, lack of respect for the way that in the fence, here all age weeds, here all clean age, the Matinhense caboclo in its crossbred majority of indian and Portuguese, lived a life simple modestssima and, very did not need pra to live well, in its modest house its utensils was wooden, beaten soil and firewood stove, it had its roado of where took off the rice, beans, cassava, maize, the creation of hens, rare a pig in the yard, went to live in the side of the beach only in the months where ' ' PERNELONGO' ' it attacks more and or to deal of the tasks of fishes, it did not keep with the sea and the beach this relation that if has today, where the sea is a picture to be appreciated and the more close more good, the bush it was the extension of its house, kept farms for all the mountain range, that they were collective, any one it could use, it understands, it reigned the camaraderie and the cooperativismo, we inherit of the indians the respect for the way, our way we made handling of the way and its resources, without destroying we took off half of the ours sustenance.

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