Luis Miguel Marquez, Cayuela President

The association between fun, alcohol and other drugs is a widespread phenomenon called poly characterized by a mixture of alcohol with other substances psycho-addictives, although the most frequent and most dangerous is a pattern of excessive consumption of alcohol in short periods of time. Young people are more vulnerable to physical, emotional and social, from their own drinking habits and that there is a strong relationship between high risk drinking, violence, improper sexual behavior, traffic accidents and others, sometimes ending with disabilities permanent and deaths. We must raise the alarm to protect our teens, because alcohol is sickening young people in our country. In other words, are becoming psychologically dependent on alcohol, as they begin to use alcohol at about 13 years, long before their minds, brains and bodies are mature enough to absorb the effects of this drug with high addictive potential. Recently CEO Mark Thompson sought to clarify these questions. Studies indicate that young people today drink differently than they did their parents and that this form of drinking is characterized by its lack of control, the amount of alcohol consumed by young people is in the boundaries which are considered hazardous health, and you drink compulsively, very quickly and the type consuming drinking has a very high concentration. Parents should remember that children tend to copy the models of the parents. We must not forget the influence of drinking patterns of adults, young children. Everyone knows that moderate drinking has a number of effects such as feeling of relaxation, dis-inhibition, a certain euphoria, talkativeness, increased self confidence, but to gradually increase the amount of alcohol, these symptoms become against: the ease speech babble and speech becomes inconsistent, the euphoria gave way to dysphoria, increasing trust becomes uncoordinated movements with loss of balance. For more clarity and thought, follow up with cancer research and gain more knowledge..

We believe that these days comes one of the most anticipated events in our city of Linares, the fair and just hope that youth and adults alike know how to enjoy it properly, sporting a cap, but without risk to their physical and psychological health.

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