Necessary Judge

It explained the situation to a counsel for indigents who listened he guided and it with the process. — Sir, would like to say that he goes to delay a little the first hearing. The defender said. — Why? He wanted to know Joo. — We are without Judge. The judge daqui was transferred.

We are waiting a new. — I wait for this new judge. Necessary to recommence my life and to find my son. He is everything that I want. — Joo said — Necessary Mr. Severo alone of its address to complete the fiche of the process. The defender spoke. — It forgives, young man, but I do not have address Today I live in the square.

— Mr. still knows to capinar? The defender asked. — Yes, clearly. I passed my life making this. — Then Mr. already has an address. The address of my small farm. I am needing a person to cut capim that he is very high. It waits me to Mr. that I go to take it there. It said counsel for indigents. Severe Joo was very happy. He took it to the defender until the small farm. –Its Joo goes, you to be here in this small farm until everything if decides. After long and long days, Joo was to frum for its first hearing. When entering in the room of the judge, Joo did not understand what he is happening, the judge was reading the process and crying. — Sir, what he is happening? Joo asked insane. The judge, still crying, arose itself and hugged Joo and said: Father I am its son Carlos. It was looking what you finishes to find. It cured me to god, father, of that illness, today I am a Christian. I obtained because God gave the victory to me and will be made justice you, my father.

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