The technique of the SDP-lift was 1992 by Dr. Michael A. King developed after intensive anatomical studies of the aging face and steadily evolving to today’s perfection at the KLINIK am RING. In the literature this type of lifting as a deep plane lift “described and almost certainly to become the next generation of facelift surgery. Because this gentle facelift procedure represents a very good alternative to all other methods often far too radical. In a question-answer forum Harry Belafonte was the first to reply.

The key of to success lies in maintaining the connection between the skin and muscles, which no longer will be severed. Skin replacement is minimal and allows access to the superficial connective tissue and muscle layer in order to gather: namely dynamically upwards, and not as the classic method starr backwards! A gentle eyelid surgery helps against drooping eyelids just correcting drooping eyelids, also known as the eyelid lifting or too baggy eyes is a relatively straightforward operation with very high efficiency: the face is lit up, bright eyes are to the fore, it is clearly younger, fresher and more relaxed. To the upper eyelid surgery, a small, invisible later cut into the eyelid fold the excess tissue shares removes and streamlined. When the lower eyelid lift excess fat modeling away or redistributed and the skin and musculature is tightened. Applies also here: eyelid surgery should be performed only by specially trained plastic surgeon. Because even with blepharoplasty not only a part, for example, only the skin may be seen, but the eyelid as a whole system of muscles, support structures, connective tissue and skin, to achieve an optimum result.

And everyone should be wary of on an I do it to you just for 600 “, because here one suffers quickly by a correction must be refined after failed surgery. “As so often is in the cosmetic surgery: If you buy cheap, buy twice.” Mr. Dr. King and Mr. Dr. Abel Vallot, thank you for this informative interview! The optimal way? As a general rule always: there is no optimal path for all patients. There is only the one best way for each individual. For Dr. med. Rainer Abel Vallot and Dr. med. Michael A. King in the KLINIK am RING the best reason for the detailed advice and personal moving into in each individual personality. Thanks to good infrastructure links, the KLINIK am RING is also comfortable also reached from towns like Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Wuppertal, complete NRW and beyond. The KLINIK am RING in the near future: in 1994 the KLINIK am RING as one of the first interdisciplinary, Board-run private clinics in Cologne opened. As 30 GewO state-licensed private – hospital has space on five floors with over 7,500 M2 of a private ward with 21 beds and 9 document departments: anaesthesia, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, neck, nose and throat, implantology/mouth-, jaw and facial surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology and Dentistry. Sandra Osweiler, freelance medical journalist is the author. Learn more about the range of services of specialists for plastic surgery Dr. med. Rainer Abel and Dr. med. Michael A. King can be found here: and. Contact: Klinik am ring, Cologne aesthetic plastic surgery Dr. med. Rainer Abel Vallot Dr. med. Michael A. King Hohenstaufenring 28 50674 Cologne T: 02 21 924 24 280 F: 02 21 924 24 250 E:

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