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Parties The most important feast of St. Francis, patron of the town. Held on 4 October every year. It’s the typical “Fiesta del Pueblo”, where religious ceremonies are held in honor of the Patron and leisure activities: sports competitions, exhibitions, musical performances and the popular “Verbena”. Another prominent event is the Virgen de los Dolores. Held on the Friday of Sorrows, which is the Friday before Good Friday, which is a movable feast in the church calendar. Its origin dates back to 1 April 1781, when the image of Our Lady of Sorrows is carried C jar. Since then held in the afternoon a procession through the town with that image and the Health of the Lord. Making Day is celebrated on January 2 that recalls the Reconquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. In C jar has always been called the “Day of the Taking” and is celebrated with a day of coexistence between the neighbors with a delicious stew of chickpeas, potatoes and mash with the poor of the earth.Andalusia Day, February 28, organizes a cultural event that coincides with the launch of a book by a local writer or poet. Music also plays an important role with the participation of music groups. In the end he offers a feast where no lack of bread with oil.

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