Paula Romero

All these questions express so many mysteries for which no plausible answers but will peek springing from our hearts curious and anxious, because they express the universal drama in which we are engaged, do not know whether such extras as puppets swaying in the wind or treeless crew of a ship at the mercy of the storms. Consider the meaning of life is a gamble no sense since it is a search without finding possible. However, it is an issue that concerns us and concerns over and over again throughout life and with greater intensity in the last part of it. Dean Ornish M.D may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Albert Einstein observed that we are on Earth for a short visit, not knowing for what purpose and follows that if we're here, is for and by others. A similar conclusion reached by the Swiss playwright Friedrich Durrenmat (1921-1990) by stating that a the life only has meaning insofar as it can be raised by people for people. The cosmos does not make sense. But it makes sense for men to live in armoniaa peace. When no response is philosophical vision of the poets.

Jose Hierro (1922-1990) wrote a famous sonnet entitled a Vidaa dedicated to Paula Romero in which he outlined his views on the matter: After all, everything has been nothing, Though one day I was it. After all, and after all I knew that everything was better than nothing. Todo Grito! and a says eco Nada! Nada Grito! and a says eco Todo! a . Now I know that nothing was everything and everything was ashes of the blue. Nothing remains of what was nothing (illusion what he thought was all) and ultimately was nothing that gives more than nothing out of nothing if nothing else will, after all After all for nothing — Article written and offered by Pio Moa.

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