Positive Thinking

We, on the Law of Vibration, we attract something or someone to us and therefore we are consciously or unconsciously using energy called magnetism, we are a magnet, we are pulling us toward our center vibrations. At the same time, and the Law of Vibration, also radiate from us out. The vibration used only centripetal and everything aims to attract toward him, toward its center, is a selfish and has a lower vibrational rate is a stationary center does not evolve, because evolution is always synonymous with service. In contrast, using the Law of Vibration centrifugally, ie, radiating something out (pay service), walk, advanced on the spiritual path. We use the two movements, as well as the planets, we will begin focusing our attention on us, grooming, beautifying, nourishing our physical, emotional and mental health. The metaphysician should polarize the environment, always taking the positive state of mind.

Positive thinking vibrates at high frequency, their colors are clear, bright and shining. Negative thinking, however, vibrates slowly and their colors are opaque. Secrecy teaches that the vibration of light, heat, magnetism, cohesion, is the principle of molecular attraction is commonly called love. The vibrate moods and sounds and colors thrown into space. All mental states are thrown outward from the body that creates and related bodies are hitting as do the vibrations emitted by musical instruments and, therefore, these vibrations affect other minds, for better or for worse.

By contrast, generous thoughts of brotherhood, ideas about God and the Masters of Wisdom, lead to vibrations of a high standard and have the power to raise the level any negative vibration, and can cure diseases, solve problems, etc.. Feelings are the soul and mind, based on what we call personality. Everyone is a figure acquires and vibration and acts always in that equation. The vibration, known as aesthetic emotion, is one of the most common ways through which an individual can move from one state of consciousness to a positive negative. This occurs when in contact with the beauty in all its forms: a beautiful landscape, a painting, a poem, a beautiful image of a mother and her son, etc.. Already know the Principle of Vibration, we must now apply it to always have a high vibration and beautiful and kind thoughts. Johnny, the team Coach M. Diego Katzman.

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