Prominent Ears Nobody Special

Shape of the ears an important component of the total image of a beautiful face. That is why among the women (and not only) high society is very popular otoplasty operation to change the size and shape of the ears. Fine ears can be compared with thin delicate fingers. And, both undoubted trump card that emphasizes femininity. Men's grace, of course, is not the main criterion, however, Prominent Ears Nobody has added self-confidence. Agree, ears-"locators" looked very undignified. Few people know that the ears are as individual as fingerprints. Criminologists know this and pay special attention to such distinctive features as a disproportionate ears, Prominent Ears, and so on.

But then, that the hand of the detectives, was not pleased with ordinary citizens. Due to imperfect ears, many girls are denied the opportunity to emphasize the graceful neck, hair, high cheekbones. Earrings, clips – a luxury for them. Quite restrictions! Otoplasty – simple and fast operation (duration 30 minutes), which will help you stop experiencing constant discomfort and hide a flaw by any means. Check with Newcastle University to learn more. Most often, ear correction is performed under local or combined anesthesia.

In 2-3 hours you will be able to go home. The incision is carried on the back surface of the ear in the crease, so the scar will be completely invisible. In the first days after surgery have follow some simple rules and wear a special fixing bandage. May experience swelling, tenderness and a change in sensitivity. However, my word is worth a little patience, especially since all these symptoms disappear without a trace, and the beautiful ears will last a lifetime. It is interesting to know different cultures in the form and size of the ears are presented diametrically opposite demands. So, on the island of Borneo, in Malaysia, on horseback perfection are your ears to the shoulders. From a young age earlobes start to procrastinate, suspending them special bronze weights. Weight guirec gradually increased. Eventually, he reaches three kilograms. Beauty – a girl with dvadtsatisantimetrovymi ears. Modern fashion has also added curiosities. Fans of the film "Lord of the Rings and role playing, recently began to go under the knife to make a long, sharp little elf ears.

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