Recommendations For The Purchase And Use Of Interior Doors

General recommendations Russian interior doors are designed for installation in a room with air temperature 15 30 C and relative humidity 60 70%. Sudden changes in these parameters are not allowed. Appearance of products should be verified by the buyer in the purchase, before the installation of hardware. It’s believed that Sam Lesser Penn sees a great future in this idea. Transportation Transportation doors doors must be made in packaging manufacturer in a horizontal position with the exception of the possibility of impact or shaking doors. If these measures claims on appearance products are not accepted. Warehousing Door Keep interior doors in the package manufacturer, in a room with a temperature of 15 30 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity 60 70%, in a horizontal position for at least three evenly spaced and equal in magnitude lining. Sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause deformation of the door leaf and cracks in the veneer doors.

Avoid direct sunlight on the product package, which can partially change the color of the product. Installation of doors Mounting interior doors and fittings to be made specialist, using the appropriate tool. Operation of the doors is not recommended to operate the door to the baths, saunas, pools and other areas with high humidity, as well as the unheated rooms. Rough mechanical action on the surface of the product is not allowed, as well as not allow contact with alkalis, acids, etc. – that can cause defects on the surface of the product.

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