Salvador Dali

Which offer programs for learning Spanish? There are 2 most popular program for the study – “Intensive” and “Superintensiv. The first program consists of 20 hours tuition per week, and the second – 25 hours. Many people choose other courses, such as: “Spanish and classes in the kitchen”, “Spanish and riding lessons.” Such programs for more than 20. If you choose to study an individual program, you might even offer stay with the teacher in his family. The schools have all the necessary materials for training, but need to bring your own dictionary.

“Intensive” combines theory and practice. Classes are conducted before a special test, which helps pick you up for a certain group of learners. Some schools give extra lessons – talk about history, culture and literature. Often, these additional classes are included. Organization of Leisure as a high level. You will be asked a number of interesting excursions, as yet: the “old” capital of Spain – Toledo, the memorial to the Civil War dead, will be transferred to Segovia, Portugal.

From Barcelona for you arrange excursions to the museum of Salvador Dali and even in the Monastery – Montserrat, which is famous choir boys. Just worth a visit: Cordoba and Seville. From Alicante and Valencia, you will be taken to Ibiza or Tabarka. To Directions for a memorable places of the Basque Country you have to select school in San Sebastian. What are the options for accommodation during the courses of a foreign language? There are 3 types of settlements of foreign students Spanish courses: in a dorm, at home or in the apartment. Each version has its pluses and minuses. Hostel. For those who consider themselves independent and accustomed to live. Conditions – a room for one or two people, often with conditions in the room. It is not often that amenities are on the floor. You can choose a hostel with food or without it. Nearby are always cafes, laundries, bars, clubs and other entertainment. Family. All students who are not 17 years old must choose this option. You can specify the specific details, such as: living in a family where there is no smoking and no animals. Homestay afford much more profitable, since it is already included in the cost. In Every family has rules and practices that will be respected. But more often, students give cries because he feels more comfortable and free. Flat. Here you will be offered 3 or 4 bedroom flat with a bathroom and a kitchen on which are all necessary. Food, in this case, for their money.

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