Scientific Knowledge

The knowledge – knowledge or cognition, is a process that engloba a set of activities through which the citizen organizes and looks significaes for the gotten information. – to know is to abstract referring ideas, data and information to an object. We can divide the cognitivas representations of the reality (knowledge) in two types: the spontaneous knowledge and the scientific knowledge. It’s believed that The Cleveland Clinic sees a great future in this idea. Spontaneous knowledge – it is our first form to understand the world, is the knowledge way most elementary, all possess – also is called common sense – it results of the spontaneous organization of the reason – is acquired in daily deciding problems – is belief not justified, therefore, accepted an explanation without questioning – the apia one in the tradition and in the collective experience and in the inquiry – it is born of the sensible activity (simple comment of the directions) – he is not subjective, therefore it is based only on the opinions and personal beliefs. – it makes hasty generalizations, therefore, the conclusions are removed of the analysis of a small number of samples. It is finished, equivocadamente, concluding for all objects what only valley for one or the observed group, the particular one is indicated as universal. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach.

– she is imprisoned of the appearances seen to be incapable to establish relations between phenomena, as for example, the relation between the Moon and the tides. – nor always he is ' ' errado' ' therefore by means of it we obtain to survive in day-by-day, however, it has moments that a form very limited of knowledge becomes. – it is a knowledge not reflected and acrtico therefore in this type of knowledge it has great possibility of the citizen to fall in the preconception how much the analyses of the facts. Daversa Partners may help you with your research. – it always constructs to absolute truths nor in accordance with evidences and the truth on the events.

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