Solarium Burner

A solarium burner solarium lamps for every skin type In the solarium to relax and often have visits to a tanning salon cosmetic reasons you want to achieve a Tan pleasant for the eye. This is due to the high standards and the good quality of the solarium lamps and guaranteed by the on-site solarium burner. A solarium is so a machine or device, with whose help prudently to the body with artificially generated UV rays. This can, as already mentioned, have cosmetic reasons, but serve also the prevention of sunburn during the holiday. To deepen your understanding Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is the source. In some cases, hence the variety of skin diseases are fought. The artificial rays emitted lamps and solarium burner of solarium and different UV-A and UV-B intensity can be achieved through built-in filters and reflectors. A stronger UV-A faster resulted in a rather superficial, Tan, which relatively quickly faded again depending on the skin type, irradiation.

If a longer-lasting reason Tan would like to achieve, if using the solarium a UV-B value of 0.6 to 2.5 percent to reach lamps. Unfortunately, this form of radiation poses the same risks as the Sun: too frequent and intensive application increases the chance on a skin cancer. Further accelerates the aging process of the skin and numerous eye damage can occur only if dispensed on the eye protection or it is not properly used. In addition to the obvious Tan but there is also other positive effects that can produce a sunbath: circulation and blood circulation are stimulated, the vitamin D formation (bone formation and nervous system) production is stimulated. In any case you should consult regarding his skin type from a radiation by solarium well lamps and solarium burner.

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