Stepan Vincent Nolke

comevis the corporate sound developed concept of savings insurance Saxony Cologne, June 2013 – comevis, a special agency for the acoustic brand and service communications, developed for the savings banks insurance Saxony a comprehensive corporate sound concept. The corporate values, regionality, confidence and competence, is reflected in the new sound image, carrying the best brand positioning also acoustically. The new audio branding concept is already in the areas of marketing and customer service and will make successively on all further contact interfaces implemented, sustainably audibly perceptible to the insurance company. The defined brand values of savings insurance of Saxony are transported in the form of acoustic and linguistic elements such as music, sound design and voice. Core of the auditory communication is the establishment of a four-part corporate voice classification. Male and female High German leading voices are for expertise and reliability, as well as for service orientation. A known Voice from Dresden gives in addition emotionality and close.

In addition to expertise and reliability local is always central part in the communication of savings insurance of Saxony. comevis succeeded, to define our sound and aural identity to the point exactly. This has convinced our employees also witnessed during our annual kick-off meeting first acoustic and linguistic elements”, explains Jurgen Hofmann, Department Director of corporate communications of savings insurance of Saxony. The audio branding experts use the proven comevis method of the SonicProfiling in their strategic process again to develop target group-oriented sound system for the company from Dresden. The new sound concept, particularly with regard to the new voices scheme supports the brand personality of savings insurance Saxony can be heard and can be used on all communication points to the Emotionalisation in customer and partner communication, “supplemented Stepan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG. Comevis in addition to the factors of sound choice of words, speech patterns, sentence structure and grammar for a company like the savings insurance always again characteristic combine things, n. makes tone in his advisor of voice if voice is to the brand”clearly.

Here, deepened the meaning and function of voice of the corporate voice expert and describes this in particular in the context of brand communication. About the comevis GmbH & co. KG: Comevis positioned companies, brands and products acoustically. The portfolio comprises the areas of audio branding, service design and customer experience. Vincent Nolke was founded in 2002 by Stephan comevis. Today, comevis is a leading premium provider, in particular for the auditory brand and service communication. Of the media city of Cologne, the comevis team works for national and international companies, public institutions and organizations. With approximately 11 year old experience delivers comevis complete support in all phases of the project, from planning through design to implementation. To develop of wiederkennbarer sound profiles, the successful in the market method of SonicProfiling established comevis.

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