Studying Abroad

What brings a study abroad these days? Occasion I plan I would like to briefly discuss a study for two semesters in this article what reasons have led me to. After the military service and training, I started studying at a University in Germany. I knew while advance that it put my course with the prefix international studies () “is, but I was interested in the first two Semesternicht for this opportunity.” Only in the third semester, when I visited with a fellow student from pure interest to an information event on the topic of study abroad, my interest grew. “” The following weeks there was a continuous change from I want abroad “to no this is not really”. Http:// is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Advance, the decision ultimately PRO abroad, the reasons for this are the following (in part): it had been an exception as a student abroad used to be.

It is becoming increasingly clear to read today, however statistics, for example in the FAZ College Gazette”,. that almost every fifth will spend at least one semester abroad. A further per foreign argument arose from my experience in my (major) company. I very often have contact with foreign colleagues, where 99% of the linguistic denominator ultimately means English. So that not is misunderstood, I work in any customer-oriented industry, but in the development. “There I caught me a few details, what the superiors of the theme of foreign” keep the response was consistently per abroad. Of course there are many other arguments, such as cultures, the independent living abroad, and so on to meet new, but I think a plus point in my case very beneficial: I’m able to do a second degree.

A Bachelor’s (supposedly) not much worth in Bachelor’s present”. However, I have the opportunity to make a second by the international year. It is important here to say that my normal period not extend, but I passed all tests & Labs be given during stay! This article is intended to provide only a very rudimentary overview and has no claim to be complete or full. The author – Karl Meyer – writes cheap in addition to his studies minor articles for various sites such as E.g. chairs.

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