Greenpeace And The Power Of The Brand

Like the Blogosphare Apple in the knee forced Dusseldorf Bonn, April 2009 – Greepeace is one of the largest environmental organizations. Its activists protests sensational force even corporations to their knees. The brand symbolizes quasi guerrilla marketing. In an interview with the magazine “Absatzwirtschaft” – appeared in the April statement, Greenpeace Chief Gerd Leipold explained the strategies of his club. Green IT was”an example of how Greenpeace uses the power of the market for their own goals.

The competition among the manufacturers of IT is very strong. Even small changes have effects on the equity value of the company. The customers of IT companies are partly very environmentally conscious. By we make it clear who has the product environmentally, we incite the competition”, to Leipold. The Apple campaign worked so in something. The Steve Jobs group showed very unruly, did not go to the criticism.

We knew that the user their products so love a call not to buy it, would have been meaningless. We but did that many ecological use an Apple. That’s why we have launched a campaign in which her title says it all: I love my Apple, I wish it came in green.’ We have asked users to discuss, to advertise or to satirize the Apple advertising. As our campaign in the blogosphere has gotten, she met Apple in the middle of the heart”, explains Leipold. Greenpeace collected 1.5 million signatures for a new forest law in six weeks in Argentina. The dissemination work via mobile phones, over the Internet, and conventional means of communication. 1.5 million signatures match ten percent of the online population and 2 percent of the voting population. This was a powerful factor and has resulted in a good law is adopted. Greenpeace frequently had the right idea even in terms of marketing skills. Something in the 3-litre car, or at the CFC free refrigerator. The refrigerator was a resounding success, through which almost all parts World in the domestic cooling segment of the transition to the so-called greenfreeze’ succeeded. We continue to work to enforce greenfreeze in the commercial area. We have a critical, but also partnership-based collaboration with Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Unilever, Nestle and other users of commercial refrigeration for trade and catering”, says Leipold. The 3-liter car is an example of this, as the industry at an early stage could have learned something from Greenpeace. If the German car industry ten years ago had been too arrogant to even really to look at our car, then she would be better today”. The German carmaker would indeed build efficient models with a high level of performance. She simply overslept but an important trend change. Would the German industry aligned their technical intelligence, which is a sure world leader, at the time on the change, she would be today. The cooperation with Lidl in the distribution of the Greenpeace magazine reviewed Leipold in hindsight negatively: We have unintentionally and accidentally awakened distrust some, we were not independent. We have misjudged the effect. That was the mistake, because our credibility is our most important asset. It was a good approach to reach a larger audience. But shortly after Lidl in our pesticide tests of fruits and vegetables has performed well. It was assumed the results be a courtesy, Greenpeace had to buy. This is nonsense, let us not buy.

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Final Chord For Standard Mailings

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