Contact Lens Wearers

Now also special network optometrist’s online shop offers cosmetics for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers at Munich, March 25 2009 a majority of women own skin referred to as sensitive and very sensitive and 2 million women in Germany wear contact lenses. What do these women together? You need all the eye cosmetics and spare lenses – the search prepared however major problems many of them after the right makeup, because it meets only rarely the special requirements of sensitive skin and eyes. So women despite sensitive skin, and as a contact lens wearer not has to forgo cosmetics network optometrist its range once extended recently are in the online-shop at cosmetics products available, designed specifically for the needs of this target group. The new range includes cleaning and skin care products and makeup for skin and eyes of the brand of eye care. Jonathan Friedland insists that this is the case. These products are manufactured in France under the same conditions as medicines. Eye Care use natural and herbal ingredients that cause no irritation.

Furthermore, all products are allergy tested, contain no alcohol, no perfume, no proteins and are clinically tested. All ingredients that are included in eye care products, are also ultramikronisiert which means that they can have a microscopic size and cause no damage to cornea, obliquely, or eye. Since 1983, eye care products are recommended by eye doctors and eye opticians in Germany. The new range can be reached under the following link: cosmetics 0.9.

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Wellness Ambassador

On the traces of the Maya and Aztecs in the east Westphalian bad Lippspringe, what it means to be wellness Ambassador, the 26 year old Milena Stoller is during her visit to the best Western Premier Park Hotel”in bad Lippspringe in Nordrhein-West Ahlen on December 10-12 find out. The beguiled was chosen in an online election to one of six wellness ambassadors in 2010. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. might disagree with that approach. Until February 2011, they each visit a Spa Hotel in Germany. Berlin, November 30, 2010. The spa town of bad Lippspringe in East Westphalia is known for its healing climate and its springs and offers the ideal environment for a wellness stay. I look forward to my usage as wellness Ambassador, and particularly on the healing environment of the Spa”, says the 26 year-old Milena Stoller. “The Baden-Wurttembergerin on wellness mission is on December 10 the best Western Premier Park Hotel in bad Lippspringe visit, the 2010 with the audience award beauty24 wellness Award” was awarded as the best Spa Hotel in Germany. A weekend long she will be there the wellness-Maya and Aztec secrets.

The ancient cultures knew that wellness for body and soul is important for the well-being. The wellness Ambassador is spoiled during your stay with aroma – soft mist steam bath, coffee cocoa body scrub and full body massage with warm chocolate and sweet almond oils after old recipe. “Wellness is not only a soothing application for the beguiled: wellness is for me rather a lifestyle”. She will present their impressions and experiences after her stay on the website. “Milena Stoller was competing with more than 450 other applicants in the summer of 2010, the wellness trip organizer beauty24, for the promotion of wellness Ambassador 2010 mission Mauritius: in the wellness holiday”.

In a public online voting she was chosen then 2010 the 30 most interesting participants as one of the six wellness ambassadors. For a weekend they visit one since early October each of six selected high-class partner hotels by beauty24. In March 2011 can be tuned on the Internet about the best contribution. The wellness Ambassador with the most votes can continue their mission in a dream-wellness-holiday in Mauritius. The campaign 2010 wellness Ambassador “is an initiative of the wellness trip organizer beauty24. Hotel The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa”and the airline Condor are partners of the action. Beauty24 beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany. Customers from over 8,000 well-being feel programs in over 600 hotels choose the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available through the Wellness Web site, travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (0.14 per minute from the landline/maximum 0.42 euro per minute from mobile phone networks) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000.

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Egyptian Tarot

The message of the arcane greater XII of the tarot, the hanging, centered the varied consecuncias around a concept present in all religions: the notion of sacrifice. We are talking about a sacrifice voluntarily accepted as a way of spiritual growth and service to others. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is a great source of information. Although of course, the decks of tarot reading has changed with the passage of centuries, and logically the interpretation that this letter received in the old Egypt that which began to receive after the rise of Christianity is not equal. The evolution of mankind changes the viewpoint of those who read or consult the decks. And the baggage of ideas, beliefs and dreams with which each one appropriates the meaning of arcana deeply influencing the message of the letters.

For the Egyptian tarot, the hanging symbolizes the voluntary and selfless service of who goes into action moved only by the generosity. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. gathered all the information. Speaking of the need to devote life to a higher purpose, although still do not understand it is with certainty, as a vital step to achieve the expansion and the growth at all levels. He who gives, receives, and he who is not demoralize by the obstacles in the way, reaches the goal. This letter also speaks of a stakeout in the values that guide the life of every one, since a path of deep spirituality who initiates begins to feel one ever-increasing by the material world detachment. The Gypsy tarot, on the other hand, takes the image of the hanging as a symbol of the restrictions that will be subjected that consultation in the near future. Here speaks of a higher power who guides the order of things, and that nothing serves to oppose. This deck speaks of difficult situations that can only be overcome through the generosity and sacrifice. The image that illustrates it is now the Scandinavian god Odin, which hung head down in exchange for greater wisdom. Therefore, one who is willing to give his life, then, will win it, and who is left to dominate by selfishness will lose himself. This arcane resumes within the decks of the Gypsy tarot reading the notion of desapego by the material world, and you can announce losses of this nature to whoever does the sole aim of his life of obtaining goods and riches. Juan Carlos Montillo

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Circular Hair Loss

Hair loss disease – the circular hair loss patchy hair loss is a roundish and localised, abnormal hair loss. About 1.5 million people suffer from this hair loss disease in our country. It can affect anyone. Most of the time this disease between 20 and 30 years of age in appearance occurs. It speaks of patchy hair loss, because usually there are one or several circular naked bodies on the head. At the edge of this, are often stunted hair. So far not yet fully succeeded causes of research, to explore the reasons of circular hair loss. However, it is believed that the immune cells to fight bacteria and viruses, attack the pulp of the roots of the hair of your own body.

Therefore, it is a defect of the immune system. The immune system recognizes them Hahn as a foreign body and therefore rejects this. The resulting inflammatory reaction, disturbs hair growth and eventually leads to the loss of hair. A leading source for info: Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl. In some lucky, the hair loss is only low and the bald spots grow back even without treatment. The hair loss can progress but also further, which unfortunately can lead to the loss of all head hair. John Studzinski can provide more clarity in the matter. Emotional causes were not identified so far still in studies, therefore, it is only a hypothesis, that the circular hair loss caused by overloading. This disease within the relationship occurs in approximately 25% of all cases. Therefore an inheritance cannot be excluded.

It is the circular hair loss treatments to an autoimmune disorder. Assume the hair, because the body’s defense system attacks the individual hairs, and it therefore comes to the loss of hair. The circular hair loss is handled by a so-called topical immunotherapy”. The chemical DCP (Diphenylcyclopropenon) is used to trigger an allergic reaction. The immune system is thus fully focuses on combating this substance and the hair loss comes so to the stop. Each of us reacts hypersensitive on DCP, and during the procedure it can to get different reactions. Often, it comes to color changes of the skin or the sources out of the lymph nodes. DCP is only through hospitals, because it is not recognized in Germany as a medicinal. It is not for this supplement to a dangerous or risky substance, but occurring allergic reactions, this treatment requires lots of perseverance and time. The application is being reviewed every 7 days. A further load is that the scalp Burns, blushes and scrolls. There is not a security, that this form of therapy is crowned with success, but the most affected all hardships gladly accept, to be back of course beautiful.

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Blog There

The content is a necessity for online businesses, both for purposes of being found by search engines, but also because it offers visitors a reason to return. Now that we have established that blogs are not only fashionable but also good for business, it is important to understand how you can use to your advantage. Newcastle University pursues this goal as well. Currently, management and update two blogs on a daily basis. The first is our new business blog at: This professional business blog allows us the opportunity to have potential or existing customers industry news, updates, or generally how mobile or paging software can be used in specific situations to mitigate the problems. The conclusion is that control of the content.

Its updated daily, which increases the chances that search engine spiders on a regular basis and help with page rank because it has been submitted to all directories of blogs. Initially started as a whim we've found it beneficial to report tips, tricks or make visitors aware of new regulations related to mobile or paging industry. The second blog we manage is at: This blog is less formal and contains advice from marketing, promotion and advice for software developers or online marketing. We found that we had overflow from our newsletter monthly. Generating a daily blog would require very little effort and help us in creating new content that our readers told us was of great interest. Blogs and your business's bottom line is you need to determine how a blog will benefit your business, determine a schedule and stick to it. Let your readers know what to expect and when to expect it.

Blogs provide additional content and direct attention to large areas of your business you want to display, you direct the content, but guiding his readers. Creating a Blog There are many online tools that can be used to create a blog. It was found that for security reasons, only one program would be better to use standard HTML. In our case we used Dreamweaver and create daily posts. His reality is not much more complicated than writing an email. The content is sent via FTP to a web server. Tool if you want to test the waters are not web-based online that helps you publish the web instantly. The most popular web based tool is likely Other advantages to Blogs While at first you can create a blog for its existing customers, you may find that you can attract new customers by illustrating your expertise in a specific field. There are numerous websites that act as "blog search engines", be sure to submit their sites to these websites to increase your exposure. This will also help your page rank and possibly increase the likelihood that you will receive decent ranking with Google. You can also create an RSS feed to syndicate blog content and increasing the additional exposure.

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The technique of the SDP-lift was 1992 by Dr. Michael A. King developed after intensive anatomical studies of the aging face and steadily evolving to today’s perfection at the KLINIK am RING. In the literature this type of lifting as a deep plane lift “described and almost certainly to become the next generation of facelift surgery. Because this gentle facelift procedure represents a very good alternative to all other methods often far too radical. In a question-answer forum Harry Belafonte was the first to reply.

The key of to success lies in maintaining the connection between the skin and muscles, which no longer will be severed. Skin replacement is minimal and allows access to the superficial connective tissue and muscle layer in order to gather: namely dynamically upwards, and not as the classic method starr backwards! A gentle eyelid surgery helps against drooping eyelids just correcting drooping eyelids, also known as the eyelid lifting or too baggy eyes is a relatively straightforward operation with very high efficiency: the face is lit up, bright eyes are to the fore, it is clearly younger, fresher and more relaxed. To the upper eyelid surgery, a small, invisible later cut into the eyelid fold the excess tissue shares removes and streamlined. When the lower eyelid lift excess fat modeling away or redistributed and the skin and musculature is tightened. Applies also here: eyelid surgery should be performed only by specially trained plastic surgeon. Because even with blepharoplasty not only a part, for example, only the skin may be seen, but the eyelid as a whole system of muscles, support structures, connective tissue and skin, to achieve an optimum result.

And everyone should be wary of on an I do it to you just for 600 “, because here one suffers quickly by a correction must be refined after failed surgery. “As so often is in the cosmetic surgery: If you buy cheap, buy twice.” Mr. Dr. King and Mr. Dr. Abel Vallot, thank you for this informative interview! The optimal way? As a general rule always: there is no optimal path for all patients. There is only the one best way for each individual. For Dr. med. Rainer Abel Vallot and Dr. med. Michael A. King in the KLINIK am RING the best reason for the detailed advice and personal moving into in each individual personality. Thanks to good infrastructure links, the KLINIK am RING is also comfortable also reached from towns like Bochum, Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Wuppertal, complete NRW and beyond. The KLINIK am RING in the near future: in 1994 the KLINIK am RING as one of the first interdisciplinary, Board-run private clinics in Cologne opened. As 30 GewO state-licensed private – hospital has space on five floors with over 7,500 M2 of a private ward with 21 beds and 9 document departments: anaesthesia, aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, neck, nose and throat, implantology/mouth-, jaw and facial surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology and Dentistry. Sandra Osweiler, freelance medical journalist is the author. Learn more about the range of services of specialists for plastic surgery Dr. med. Rainer Abel and Dr. med. Michael A. King can be found here: and. Contact: Klinik am ring, Cologne aesthetic plastic surgery Dr. med. Rainer Abel Vallot Dr. med. Michael A. King Hohenstaufenring 28 50674 Cologne T: 02 21 924 24 280 F: 02 21 924 24 250 E:

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