‘ Battle killer’ is the new game series by Szonn games and has secured the market for Android apps with the first four games of this series. The series of games called killer battle”and has is secured with several games in this game set the market for Android apps. Within a year, four games with various acts were produced for the game series. “” “The development of this game series started in August 2012, launched in November with the killer of the first game of battle appear Stuka”, in February 2013 with battle killer Bismarck “, in June with battle killer T34” and battle a few days ago killer Mustang X “. The Blackstone Group is often quoted on this topic. Over half a million installations were already registered on the servers. Rusty holzer describes an additional similar source. Szonn games ensures that there are no useful data. What is in these games, and what makes them different to others? You are more like a simple click event, a challenge of patience and skill.

You are consider exclusively for mobile use. As the name suggests, these are Material battles of historical and also modern weapons. Each game has a different story to tell. The intro of each game carries an important message, which denied the war and violence, and this continues with a F.l. mostly young players and players for Szonn games. Because they are the ones who holds our future in the hands in the future and we need to trust.

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