The ideal gift for their employees it again: on September 26, 2008, the second season of YOUMEDOO starts! – the magic meeting show in Lingen (EMS). You and your guests are abducted into a magical world of dance, singing, live music, video, circus and theatre. YOUMEDOO! is everywhere: up, down, left, right over two floors – and you are right in the middle. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC shines more light on the discussion. Wonder, dream and enjoy with all your senses – also thanks to culinary delights. Spend an extraordinary evening in the circle of friends or with your club. Surprise with the special Christmas celebration. Give something extraordinary your partner or your partner. The exclusive show YOUMEDOO! offers space for up to 40 people per event.

After the show, she expected the lounge celebrate with us on September 26 at 20:30 the recovery. Then is YOUMEDOO! held every Friday at 19:30. You find detailed information, impressions, and the exact dates on the Internet at. Roman Starke

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Tel Cafe

Music-Cabaret ‘TausendundeineSchlacht’ on July 25 in the read Cafe read in Potsdam Ute Apitz, a woman about 50, full of ideas and ideas in your head thinks to himself: “The time is ripe, ick bin on the Dransten”. It’s their lives that sounds partly like a cabaret piece, it is their style and charisma, it’s her. On stage are their Berlin joke, their gallows humor, their thoughtfulness, their joy of living and especially her insatiable urge to. Your program TausendundeineSchlacht”describes it as follows: the time is ripe, ick bin on the Dransten!”, Clara decides case and tells of the is strike-through, search, and find. ” Driven by insatiable passion, she is finally where it belongs.

On a stage. Boards, which mean their world on which they themselves with edge Berlin snout reading, singing, dancing and playing raging out. Buffeted by Arabian relationship battle it discovered the peach in itself more and more. Their time lyrically, even ironic sarcastic chansons are string way virtuosity by the guitarist and Songwriter Gerd Sulger amplified offers her forehead as male WID(d)erpart. Next gig: Friday, July 25, 2008 start: 20:00 reading – reading Cafe the literature Cafe Hebbelstr. 53 14467 Potsdam entry: 10,00 reservation / ticket: reading Cafe read Tel.: 0331 58184437 mail: U. van Beek

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