What More Drink And Pay The Price

It’s no secret that water is the basis of all life on Earth. On its quality depends directly on our health with you. But with its pollution, it is one of the main causes of diseases in the world. WHO experts established that the 80% of global disease is associated with poor quality drinking water and violations of sanitary standards of water supply. Additional information is available at Dean Ornish M.D. Far for an example that confirms the quality of the water we drink, no need to go, simply open the tap and enjoy what the liquid is flowing out, especially to pay attention to color, turbidity, odor, and well, especially for the brave – taste. This is guilty not only all mankind our vast world, making every effort to pollute waters around us.

It also takes at least a great effort to clean it up. But let’s order. What are water pollution and how they can be cleaned Distinguish chemical, biological and physical contaminants of water. Chemical pollutants are the most common, persistent and far-spreading. It can be organic (phenols, naphthenic acids, pesticides and etc.) and inorganic (salts, acids, alkalis), toxic – xenobiotics (cadmium, copper, arsenic, nickel, mercury, lead, zinc, chromium, etc.) – the most dangerous to human health and non-toxic. Biological contaminants is of the greatest danger and is expressed in the appearance of the water of pathogenic bacteria, pathogens, viruses (700 species), protozoa, fungi, algae, etc. lingninov This type of pollution is only temporary.

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