Laptop Macbook Air

The unit of notebook federal goldphone companies keep abreast of not only the portable computer market, but also monitor all significant events in this area. One of the last – the emergence of the so-called 'ice' MacBook price by almost 140,000 British pounds. Macbook Air supreme ice Edition – is the title of jewelry, a British company that specialists Stuart Hughes turned the laptop. This gadget is decorated with 53 diamonds weighing 25.5 carats. Diamonds placed on the logo Apple, which is made of platinum. The whole laptop case – is also solid piece of platinum, weighing 2.5 kg. The world will be created only 10 of these laptops. Each of them will cost its owner to 139,995 British pounds.

Specialists goldphone believe that price worthwhile. First, you can simply count the cost of materials used. Secondly, the process of creating such a body and a logo requires enormous labor costs. "One of the big likely to argue that the case was made by hand – just a solid piece of platinum. As for the logo, then decorate it almost certainly involved in jewelry masters "- the company says. Tuning Technology looks roughly as follows: first laptop to be parsed – gently, without a single breakage and scratches.

Then, precisely measure the dimensions of the body portion, to take into account features of "relief", ways of fastening. Then create an identical body parts. And put the technical component in the case. In this case, the slightest flaw in the calculations or in the process of ebb body – and all the work necessary to start from scratch. A few words about the technical characteristics of the Macbook Air supreme ice Edition.

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First Washing Machine

Now a washing machine, perhaps, the first thing people want to get out of household appliances. Out of competition unless the refrigerator and stove: cook still more often than wash. Microwave ovens, coffee makers, toasters and more many useful and interesting things to facilitate the life of housewives bought already then. This items is certainly very useful, but to live without them, it is quite possible. But perestirat without cars mountains bed linen, tablecloths, shirts, baby clothes – no easy task. However, from time immemorial, this hard work was done by hand, and, rubbing, rinsing and spin the clothes by women. Services laundresses were so in demand that representatives of this profession is never afraid to go without bread.

However, to make come in very difficult circumstances. First laundry was boiled in a big pot, and then carried it to rinse the river or pond. As an abrasive used ordinary sand, which helped scrub some stains. Erased if only bed linen and underwear, and even children's clothes. Garments cleaned with steam and brushes.

Withstands only a washerwoman strong women: the conditions of constant humidity, temperature changes, the need for hours of rinsing in the icy water of early spring or late fall detrimental affects on health. Attempts to facilitate the washing process become taken yet for a long time, but for a long time did not have much success. Realizing that the main thing is the mechanical action, the sailors tied their clothes to the rope and lowered over the side, where in the motion of the ship wave patted her, freeing from pollution.

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