Federal Network Agency

Higher speed thanks to LTE smartphones are indispensable for many people today. You replace the PC in certain situations, and provide access to Internet services at any time and at any place. Soon, faster surfing should be possible in many areas thanks to the new LTE cellular standards. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de informed about developments. Most Germans today have access to the Internet and use it privately, commercially or for both areas. A DSL test demonstrates however that in many regions still no high speed Internet available, because the infrastructure is not up to date. The new standard LTE to remedy and ensure high transmission speeds especially in mobile Internet usage.

This technique is, disadvantages are that there might be errors when other devices such as microphones or television in the same frequency range. There is no comprehensive information for consumers so far however. The right person would be in such cases the Federal Network Agency, which would then inform the competent authorities.

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Activity Partners

The new contact module makes the contact even easier contrary to the trend to virtual contacts the active Portal is heuteschonwasvor.de nationwide to finding real regional contacts, like-minded people and leisure partners based on common interests. The active Portal hswv (heuteschonwasvor) creates so square, to see again more personal encounters, more real community and more interpersonal Exchange in the non-virtual world. hswv its users at regional level would like to merge with people who share your interests, hobbies, ideas, desires, intentions or also needs. Participants interesting at hswv people from the surrounding area can learn without a fixed relationship label, and their real, personal acquaintances and circle of friends can expand easily. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You can find like-minded people or place ads for joint activities.

So, E.g. activity partners, sport partner, dance partner, nature lovers, music lovers or like-minded people all possible areas of interest can be found. By heading Help & help”there is maybe even support problems or difficult situations. There are countless personal motives or opportunities to use the opportunity to contact with the help of hswv. By private enterprises, over offers from groups or communities to creative activities with like-minded people, all contact’s doors are open to the users. Can solid contacts in the area of personal or general social assistance offerings or help requests. The latest contact module is online since September 2010: a personal event and calendar. Thus, members can adjust easily public or private appointments, which want to organize them for several people or that they are simply doing, and describe.

The dates at which other participants can register then and this will make it easier if you want to offer something immediately for several people. As regional events as tips in this way can be known. The current dates appear According to the set perimeter at the click of the jew. Date. With the new module, the contact in addition to the direct message and the existing sections/ad pool to a new variant was extended – all at no cost to members. The question remains: now what before?

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Auction House

“already from 0.50 branded products can be purchased by auction was bought yesterday, today is geclickt”, so Turgay durus, Managing Director and co-founder of kaduka UG (haftungsbeschrankt). With a completely new kind of live shopping, kaduka.de has been online since mid May 2009. To know more about this subject visit Center for Colon Cancer Research USC. Branded products at bargain prices are offered in a unique auction form. The Clou: already making a bid (CLICKS) the user can bid for a branded product and save up to 99%. Energy Capital Partners understood the implications. A CLICK (bid) costs only 0.50 and is offered in packages from 10. “Managing Director of Turgay durus:, although there are enough auction sites on the Internet that also process according to the principle of paid bid, however they differ little, so usually only the could dominate the market and build up a regular clientele.” The page kaduka.de, however, enters the market with two completely new and unique forms of auction. , In our kamikaze auctions, the user can as Meistclicker an article purchase indulged in our standard auctions the user can awarded as most Licker as well as as Letztclicker, “so the GF Turgay durus. What exactly now the difference is between these two forms of auction and what distinguishes kaduka.de from other auction platforms, can be read in detail on the website. This much is sure: up to June 30, 2009 10 Freeclicks as a welcome gift offers all new users. Cengiz Kaimal

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Android Smartphone

Kumungo, the social network is now online! In times of the Internet it may seem almost old-fashioned, if one is caught at home or in the bus with laboriously written flashcards when learning”, says Andreas Lehner, the Managing Director of the iTest24 from Munich. Therefore we have Kumungo developed a social network to joint work with flashcards in the Internet.” Kumungo is now for anyone interested see free available. Kumungo is currently designed for pupils, students, trainees and all learning people in the German-speaking world. An extension to other languages but is safe for success of the project. The basic idea of the project is to transport the manner of learning in the present, which is currently characterised by the spread of social networking sites like Facebook in all walks of life. Broken down into different areas of fabric have all users in Kumungo the opportunity to ask your own questions for later learning. These are then all other visitors the website for learning and extending available. Others who may share this opinion include Preventive Medicine Research Institute. This network ensures a high quality and completeness of each learning area for a minimal time of individual.

The contents of Kumungo are legible by all visitors to the site and can be used. Falling off your own creating the index card, valuable time is free to inculcate the contents in memory. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Scott Atlas. The use of stored cards itself is adapted to the technical possibilities of the 21st century. In addition to the traditional type of flashcards learning (question read, consider, flip card) Kumungo offers the following application possibilities: e-mail: one or more questions from certain areas of fabric come at times set by the user by E-Mail. So questions are reviewed regularly, comfortably in the Office or on the go on the laptop.

via Android Smartphone: when a mobile phone or tablet with Android operating system and Internet connection allows an Android app, the questions of on the road to create and retrieve. The app can be obtained for free from the Android market. per paper: all index cards, including those of other users, can be printed out and used in the conventional way. Also, an app is developing with the Kumungo with the new Windows phone handsets can be used. The ability to make an overview of questions answered correctly and incorrectly and the learning progress is also nearing completion. This Kumungo evaluates the given answers and displays on the learner.

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