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Kumungo, the social network is now online! In times of the Internet it may seem almost old-fashioned, if one is caught at home or in the bus with laboriously written flashcards when learning”, says Andreas Lehner, the Managing Director of the iTest24 from Munich. Therefore we have Kumungo developed a social network to joint work with flashcards in the Internet.” Kumungo is now for anyone interested see free available. Kumungo is currently designed for pupils, students, trainees and all learning people in the German-speaking world. An extension to other languages but is safe for success of the project. The basic idea of the project is to transport the manner of learning in the present, which is currently characterised by the spread of social networking sites like Facebook in all walks of life. Broken down into different areas of fabric have all users in Kumungo the opportunity to ask your own questions for later learning. These are then all other visitors the website for learning and extending available. Others who may share this opinion include Preventive Medicine Research Institute. This network ensures a high quality and completeness of each learning area for a minimal time of individual.

The contents of Kumungo are legible by all visitors to the site and can be used. Falling off your own creating the index card, valuable time is free to inculcate the contents in memory. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Scott Atlas. The use of stored cards itself is adapted to the technical possibilities of the 21st century. In addition to the traditional type of flashcards learning (question read, consider, flip card) Kumungo offers the following application possibilities: e-mail: one or more questions from certain areas of fabric come at times set by the user by E-Mail. So questions are reviewed regularly, comfortably in the Office or on the go on the laptop.

via Android Smartphone: when a mobile phone or tablet with Android operating system and Internet connection allows an Android app, the questions of on the road to create and retrieve. The app can be obtained for free from the Android market. per paper: all index cards, including those of other users, can be printed out and used in the conventional way. Also, an app is developing with the Kumungo with the new Windows phone handsets can be used. The ability to make an overview of questions answered correctly and incorrectly and the learning progress is also nearing completion. This Kumungo evaluates the given answers and displays on the learner.

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New 24-hour service to the planning and booking of regional and national poster campaigns now stands at another online planning tool available and locally provides the consistent expansion of “. In the new online planning tool in a place in the foreground, but the planning and booking of regional and national poster campaigns is not the individual selection of large posters. The new 24-hour service is aimed at advertisers and agencies that plan quickly online periods and larger areas and want to book without selecting even poster sites. 1-2-3-Billboard regional”sets a new standard in online planning of outdoor campaigns. The online tool provides a simple introduction to the German outdoor landscape, which is very diverse due to the heterogeneous structure of the provider. The program has a user-friendly interface that leads the user step-by-step through the planning stages. 1-2-3-poster regional has a consulting and expert mode. Many writers such as Adam Frost offer more in-depth analysis. Thus, the planning of outdoor advertising for beginners is equally well suited as for Aussenwerbeprofis.

Programme follows the 1-2-3 method: 1 define period, advertising area and advertising 2. upload motif or consulting to the creation of request compressed data which run 3rd reservation or plan data request the principle is simple: the user plant and book the desired campaign and receives all relevant data, which are necessary for the implementation of the campaign. The data go 1-2-3-poster and CAW media. The campaign will be processed according to the usual standards of quality”and booked at the party. The well-known and protected QSS (quality selection system) the CAW media is used. Continue to learn more with: jonathan friedland.

For the customer everything is finished after 24 hours”. By the way: the system there will be parallel with CAW media under the name The advantage of this system for our customers lies in the speed and ease of use. It can every day – and night-time poster campaigns planned, booked, designed (or just uploaded ‘) and are produced from a single source. Contract documents are the customer within one business day before the booking / order confirmation with all relevant data gets you immediately by E-mail. 1-2-3-poster regional queries all the relevant points for a poster campaign. The result is a perfect campaign via the Internet”, Subhendu Rahuman says 1-2-3-poster. The new online tool is 1-2-3 on the new platform under regional “finding or achieving regional directly under the address. Always to keep up? Then follow us on Twitter (twitter.

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Sensation For Yatego Merchants And Iclear User

iClear lowers discount rate by up to 66 percent and transaction fee on null Mannheim / St. Georgen, 2009 sensational conditions offers April 1 iclear immediately all the shop platform Yatego merchants: the payment provider has complete cancelled with immediate effect the transaction fee from previously 30 cents per transaction. A staggering is the dealer up to 66 percent cheaper than in the past is for the volume-based discounts now. This is the full thrust for the spring business: while other shop platforms and payment provider invent new hooks and eyelets, to increase their sales to the detriment of traders give Yatego and iclear continue their success and reduce the conditions. More incurred from now no transaction fees for Yatego merchants, whose kunden iclear pay, through the fiduciary payment provider. Not only that, because even the discount sinks already a monthly turnover of 5,000 per dealer: volume-dependent remuneration amounted to 2.65 percent, so far there are now a staggering, headed for the Yatego merchants only 0.9 instead hitherto 2.65 percent discount apply.

The hierarchy in particular: monthly sales > 50,000 euro: 0.9% discount monthly sales > 10,000 to 50,000 euro: 1.5% discount monthly turnover > 5,000 to 10,000 euro: 1.9% discount monthly sales 0 to 5,000 euros: 2.65% discount more sales through simple and secure payment transactions, according to a study by ibi research at the University results in Regensburg alone usage of E-payment service to decline of the order crashes by 43 percent according to high is the increase in the revenue opportunities. And according to a recent survey among Internet users almost 90 percent of online shoppers make a purchase decision from the safety of their data and payments. A study that was conducted at more than 1,000 retailers, confirmed these statements. Therefore, alone the presentation of the iclear escrow service logo is likely to increase sales, so the tenor of merchant statements.

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Baur Shipping To The Best Online Shop In Germany

“Euro am Sonntag” has undergone online shipper extensive tests the magazine “Euro am Sonntag” has at Germany-wide operating online stores test purchases carried out concealed tested services and asked the managers to fill out extensive questionnaires. The result was published in issue 49/2010 of 4 December 2010: it chooses the online-shop of the Baur shipping to the best German online-shop of the year 2010. Under, distance online customers receive the best service. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. pursues this goal as well. So it gleams the Baur hotline with excellent accessibility, and the customer can determine the day and time of the day, when their goods are to be delivered. Particularly positive, independent testers also noted that goods ordered up to four days before Christmas Eve, are guaranteed delivered before the holidays. The quickness of the delivery is considered to be good all around.

The authors of “Euro am Sonntag” comment: “More service is almost impossible.” In the overall rating of the online shop of the baby receives the shipping only Predicate “very good” and ends up on the first rank place. The online shop of Otto follows in second place. Other large online senders such as Amazon, ESPRIT, Neckermann or Conrad Electronics land down on rear rank places. Marc Opelt, the Chairman of the who Executive Board, happy baby is this hard title-won: “this award as the best online shop in Germany is a great honor for us: we consistently aligning our actions to our customers, analyze their needs consistently and want to offer them the best all-round service.” This title indicates that this succeeds in any other online shop in Germany as well as us. “He makes us proud, but also an incentive for the future: we will make every effort to fulfil the wishes of our online customers also in future and to defend this title as the best online shop in Germany.” Ranking “Best overall offer” nationwide operating online stores of the magazine “Euro am Sonntag” (output: 04.12.2010) name rank very well note 1 Baur 2.

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Web 2.0 Participatory Advertising Makes Brands

Engagement marketing is the right marketing strategy to the participatory Internet. The brand will be staged here as part of a comprehensive content. \”When I saw your action on the Internet, I had to go along with it.\” With this set, Maxine begins its report about how she are realized despite their disease as diabetes by dancing itself. Maxine has taken the action show us your personal impossible \”in the context of the impossible is nothing\” campaign of the sports supplier adidas, which ran in the spring on Viva.TV. The users were called upon to send video, images and songs by personal feedback. \”Impossible is nothing\” is the prime example of a so-called engagement marketing \”-campaign.\” Engagement marketing is a trend in the United States, which increasingly become an issue in Germany. It is a dialog-based advertising, which the user actively interact with topics, the brand stands for, let. Advertising should no longer just to lull the consumer, but to stimulate him with the advertised product and its context to deal \”, explains Managing Director of A2D InterMedia cone t.

A variety of dialog offers such as sweepstakes, votings, upload and comment functions or elements such as background information, tips and services can contribute to this objective. Engagement marketing is far more than just winning games, says game. Female football fans come to Jo the new marketing concept is the answer to changing media consumption: the convergence of TV and the Internet, more and more broadband Internet connections, as well as the user of the Web have become sovereign 2.0 have a creative heyday of the Internet led to funded by a previously unknown networking via blogs and communities. The Web is finally\”a join-network. This commitment is marketing in particular for low-involvement products such as articles of daily use. The campaign, which the paper towel provider SCA tissue Europe has implemented in the past year for his brand of Zewa was based on this conviction. Jonathan Friedland recognizes the significance of this.

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Wien Meidling

My mother-in-law knows less about me, but she can understand this info fractions and in contexts and from it, she can choose the right advice at the end for me and as it is currently for a machine that is completely impossible “is to determine whether in an essay, a review, a product description, an anecdote or just a meaning and Contextless advertising is to find and because nachwievor to the style ‘ are used, we will also be need to understand another way to provide that not only save content of data read the machines and to represent, but they” and to be able to bring in links and Semantic Web in the game comes just at this point. Semantic standards solve precisely these problems. They allow machines to understand data that read, store, and share and to bring into relationships. A Suchscript on the Semantic Web will first take a look at my online profile and read it there I live Vienna 12, then he takes a look at my calendar to find out when I had time to go, then check out the profiles of the dentists in Vienna, filters out from Wien Meidling, looking at their calendar, when they have time and sorted out the available, then quickly jumps into 2, 3 dental customer forums to see if there already There are reviews to the one or the other eligible dentist and a couple more filters, which have no good reviews. Then he quickly gets off the map and a cheap offisverbingun proposes me, possibly two or three taxi numbers as a fallback option for transporting away so can at the end of this search the Suchscript in a reasonable time a really useful tip give me with the Semantic Web can allow this concept to related data from trusted sources and the search would be revolutionized, the data categorized and structured and the machine could interpret them meaningfully. Semantic Web is precisely for this reason I think inevitably the next necessary step in the right direction long live the Web of relationships!

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