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In this article, I outlined the sea of interesting information about effective site promotion. This article tells you about interesting resources, where you can not register your expensive portal directories, social networks and bulletin ad. You can pay a small amount of money and you will be registered for your life in many catalogs, but this method is very effective and long Yandex is not conducted on this method. As a result, you are wasting money power. A register your site in Yandex, Rambler and Google will not take you more than 10 minutes. But a more effective way is to write articles on their site or Internet resource. You can quickly draw the article and it's free publish a directory of articles. This method requires less time and most effective, and even that is not important enough – FREE! The article you describe the positive aspects of your product superiority over competitors, praise your product from all angles and not spend a dime.

Submission to article directories is manual or automatic. But keep in mind that automatic registration is not as effective. Let's look at our situation with On the other hand: instead of wasting time in fruitless searches, collecting data on the grains, you have the opportunity to go to the link directory or catalog items, select the appropriate section and provide information on location of the right site. This is similar to a system of file cabinets in the library. You have to understand that not all directories are relatively popular and effective. Your article will lead to you a lot of visitors and new resource significant rise in the rankings. You can also try and write articles on blogs and forums, but it is not so effective as a way to write articles to article directories, but also free.

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What is ajax Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) – a solution that allows asynchronous request / transfer data to the server. The very idea is not to restarting the web page and not blocking the user interface could be of javascript-script to apply to any server-side script (or other resersu) to get / send any data. Examples ajax examples web page using ajax is now possible to find many. If you go on and start something enter a search string, you can drop down menu will appear with similar variants found Query. These options from the server asynchronously, without the page itself. What is jQuery to implement ajax-requests Browsers are built components that can be accessed from the javascript-code. There is one annoying problem. Code to create ajax-object in ie (Internet Explorer), differs from the code ajax-create the object in other browsers.

This is perhaps not the biggest challenge. For example, I really do not want to think about the different settings and low-level implementations of ajax. jQuery eliminates the above problems , providing a very user-friendly interface. I must say that the use of the library goes far beyond just a convenient implementation of ajax-scripts. Ajax, jQuery and php In this article I will examine a fairly simple but complete example of how to create a Web page with ajax asynchronous requests to the server.

So, let's proceed. You must create a page that will be placed button. Clicking on this button to request data from the php-script and display them on stranitse.Neobhodimo also show animations while loading data in the form gif-image. For simplicity, we assume that data sharing will be implemented in json-format. Immediately bring design directory hierarchy on my server. Here it is. Fig.1 The structure of directories on the server code page html-www / index.html

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