Transparent Release Management

Can do more intensively engages its customers in the development of its project management software can do has newly designed his release management. The customers of the manufacturer of the project management software can project intelligence can in the future in determining the next steps of development through an online vote participate. Check with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. to learn more. Can do it introduces new features and the users of the planning tools then set the order in a vote, in which they are to be developed. The current vote is already on the upcoming version of the can do project affect intelligence, which will be published in the autumn of this year. We have made very positive experiences, to involve our customers in the process of software development. So we get”interesting and useful information, which we of course are incorporated into the further development of our product, says can do – Managing Director Thomas Schlereth. In addition to the vote on new features we have the process of software development now even more open and more transparent Design”, he adds.

Can do published on its website all the development steps completed. The new features are briefly described and explained, if necessary, with a graphic or a video clip. This applies to all the new features, improvements, bug fixes and other improvements. As well, the new features planned for the next version will be presented on this site. Can do published this information from Twitter. About can do GmbH Munich can do GmbH ( has developed a project management software by special power project intelligence with can do. Among other things, the tool characterized by efficient resource management, its ease of use, a quick and easy implementation, a realistic project management as well as a reporting system and functions for controlling risk.

In addition, the software has a comprehensive budget and portfolio management. The multi project management tool can do provides real added – value for companies regardless of industry, platform or size. Can do trust throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Toshiba Europe, Dr. Oetker, Swarovski, Salzgitter AG, Oerlikon Barmag, and the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg. Can do won the battle of tools 2010″the PMI chapter Austria, received in 2008 the Bavarian export Prize” and was in the years 2007 and 2008 with the IT Innovation Prize “awarded the Initiative Mittelstand in the ERP category. Press contact: Can do GmbH Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 512 65-101 E-Mail:

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Managing Director

On 29 may, the company has almost reports its new report generator placed FastReport.Mono on the market. On 29 may, the company has almost reports its new report generator placed FastReport.Mono on the market. Specifically, he has been Xamarin.Mono for platform-independent development environment. This is the next step after the recent release of version of FastReport FMX, which was intended for use on MacOS. The development environment is Xamarin.Mono by many programmers popular, but so far lacked the convenient tool for organizing and displaying data. Now, thanks to the company almost report, which has released the fast and compact generator FastReport.Mono, developer at Xamarin.Mono have the opportunity, the full range of tools for creating and visualizing reports that are known to them already from other products of the company. So, FastReport.Mono for any needs of the Bunutzers can be configured and customized. This flexibility is through the use of open source, Visual report designer and Extensible Architecture of the program reaches, making it also possible to include additional objects and functions.

Of course, the generator is the ability to receive the report in any desired form, whether it is display, expression, or export to many other formats. For more information about the program, see: en/products/fast-report-mono.html. While FastReport.Mono supports all major operating systems (MS Windows, MacOS, Linux), so no need of being an implement virtual machines or to install an operating system. According to the Managing Director of the fast report Michael Fanisai, the main focus of the work consisted in platform independence: “we live in a multipolar world. This also applies to operating systems which use the business user and need assistance on the part of the programmer.” Therefore, a product that satisfies these requirements and short development time and offer tools to end users, not on a single platform are limited.

About the company fast reports Inc. was founded in 1998 and today has the leading position in the market of modern software to create reports. Offices of the company are located in many countries in Europe, America and Africa, and its products are localized in more than 40 languages. The core product of the company is FastReport, highly effective package of components for creating reports for Delphi.

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Blu Intel

The new axxiv SERIUS 18th October 2010 axxiv delivers the perfect notebook graphically demanding applications 17 S 03 notebook for graphical Hochstleistungen Hunenberg, presentations, movies or games on the way trouble-free run. The axxiv SERIUS 17 03 outputs with large 17.3 “16:9 HD + display high-definition pictures excellent again and lets the strong computing and graphics performance without compromise experience. Screen violence is either supplied by the Intel Core i7 with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 M or the Intel Core Mobile i3 / i5 CPU, which graphics card only when you need Gets the full graphics performance of the powerful NVIDIA GeForce energy consumption is optimized automatically in the background and constantly provides for longer battery life. That behind with the Intel GMA HD graphics combined NVIDIA Optimus technology. Lots of space on hard disk or SSD, USB 3.0, a selectable Blu-ray SATA writer as well as webcam and Kensington lock perfectly the mobile when round. Some contend that Click here shows great expertise in this.

The Intel Optimus Technology is definitely only for the usage of an i3 or i5 processor to the train. The low-power graphics performance provides the Intel GMA HD by default. GeForce GT 330 M combined with the powerful NVIDIA users experienced the full extent of sheer graphics power. This is awakened 3D acceleration automatically only for that”, if this is required, for example, to play a video. So is always an optimal power consumption secured and best maximizes the battery life.

The SERIUS supports 17 S 03 relaxed working with the comfortable keyboard and the numeric keypad of numbers. The intelligent multi-gesture touchpad blends into the sleek, high-quality housing design in matte black. It understands different finger gestures and therefore more intuitive to navigate through the system. The touch screen operation similar to it sets quickly to commands and replaces a mouse better than ever before. With only 3.1 kg weight is the axxiv SERIUS 17s 03 despite the large 17.3 inch LCD anti-glare screen a very portable, professional companion. The SERIUS has 17S 03 on extensive connectivity options including USB 3.0 as well as communication tools such as Bluetooth, GLAN, or Intel Centrino ultimate-N 6300 WiFi. Kensington lock and a face recognition program provide the necessary safety of transportable systems. The Windows 7 operating system and a time-limited version of Microsoft Office 2010 are preinstalled. For storing data, the user up to 750 GB hard drive or a fast SSD with up to 256 GB choose capacity. This sophisticated notebook is ideal for the professional multimedia Companion. The SERIUS is in stores depending on the configuration from a price of CHF 17 S 03 notebook 1’259.-including VAT and a standard 2 years bring – in warranty available. Learn more about the products, the sources of supply and more interesting service options are available under.

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monitotring, performance, SLA, tools, APM, application testing, IT measuring application performance has become imperative for any business which depends on its IT infrastructure for critical business activities. Without’s idea of application performance, businesses cannot judge which applications have problem in them and what action needs to be taken to overcome those bottlenecks. Search application performance issues can hinder not only the business’s growth, but so affect service level agreement conditions. Each business needs to APM solution as well as a dedicated team which can undertake performance testing under controlled test conditions. Constant application monitoring by a professional team can ensure that application performance goals as well as service level agreement standards are met.

Measuring application performance can thus help IT managers analyze how fast information is made available to the end user or how much time each transaction takes. Businesses can use APM solutions provided by expert APM vendors for judging how their applications are performing. Through such APM solutions, IT managers can effectively monitor applications and improve application performance by taking care of all bottle necks on application deliver paths. A customized APM solution can ensure that application performance is at par with the service level agreement standards. A strong APM solution can become all-encompassing tool for IT managers to effectively measure application performance. With search on APM solution, organizations can make sure that all business-critical applications are available, service level agreement is enforced, and applications are performing optimally. It helps spot bottlenecks in applications so that they can be solved before they start affecting end users. Can vendor on experienced APM provide to APM solution is integrated with other tools, is easy to use and can judge application performance perfectly. Vendors today are able to provide APM solutions which are non-intrusive and do not require any installation on the database server. Until now, a majority of the APM vendors used to provide APM solutions only for popular applications; However, with newer, better solutions available in the market, businesses can get one single APM solution, which can help judge application performance for each and every application across the organization. Through ideal application performance management tool, one can: Ensure optimum application performance so that service level agreement conditions are met resolve bottlenecks so that all problems related to application performance get solved before end users are affected evaluate end-user experience so that application performance can be judged properly

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ITIL 3 Clearly Gaining Acceptance

Exagon study: More and more ITIL users expect a better integration of IT processes and business Kerpen, January 12, 2009 – the ITIL users are in ever-increasing numbers believe that tighter links between of the IT services can be achieved by the version 3 of the framework since last year with the business processes. While they were one and a half years to 57 percent and in early 2008 only to 43 percent of the opinion according to a survey of management consulting Exagon, this objective going through ITIL 3 sufficiently depicted, there are 55 percent again late this year. To get 29 percent of ITIL users who show cautious optimism. At the same time the District of the CIO, which in this respect either skeptical or have still no accurate assessment, has been halved almost within a year period. Check with Gabriela Turk to learn more. He declined in early 2008 to 16 per cent in the comparison survey carried out for the third time by 34 percent. The newspapers mentioned Energy Capital Partners not as a source, but as a related topic.

Also on the fundamental need for a stronger alignment of IT processes on the business requirements, it seems to give companies less and less doubt. Almost three quarters of IT managers consider as required and thus even slightly more than in early and mid 2007 (64 and 61 percent, respectively). Only 4 percent are currently still believes in IT service management (ITSM) directly related to the business conditions to renounce. The assessment of the life cycle model of the new version of ITIL 3 shows a favorable trend. It describes the lifecycle of IT services from modeling about the implementation and operation through optimization. After the comparative nine out of ten respondents of which assume Exagon consulting, that this model will positively affect their practice. \”\”Definitely expect either or tends to \”positive effects for IT service management. In previous surveys, the vote of the users, not so clearly fell.

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Dietmar Hopp

So, for example, payments can be updated automatically on the basis of such as the invoice or customer number. Only for non-conformity of the corresponding data or deviations of the amount must be intervened then manually. Also, the order of release can be automatically up to a defined limit for a customer. In addition, SAP is compatible with other programs, can be linked with these and pull information out of these to this process or to evaluate. So, in particular old programs that uses any longer on the market companies with security, can be replaced by SAP or connected via an interface to this.

A company which has converted once on SAP and uses only a part of the possibilities of SAP, is not so soon turn away from the software. Also the user-friendly interface, the SAP GUI of user, is another significant advantage a surface into which also SAP newcomers. in particular through the intuitive handling, quickly be incorporated can. Mainly SAP is used in corporations and medium-sized enterprises. The R/3 standard software or business suite would pay less for small businesses.

Good standing: founder in particular by the innovative founder the five former employees of IBM: Claus Wellenreuther, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner, Klaus Tschira and Dietmar Hopp enjoy the company and the software SAP in high esteem and recognition. The SAP founders did is not easy to develop software only, but to develop software, which sets new standards and is revolutionizing the IT industry it aims. To achieve this goal SAP today worldwide closely cooperates with leading universities, partners and customers. So experiences and new requirements with each other can be exchanged and used to optimize the business processes of companies regardless of Firm size and industry. Hasso Plattner today is engaged in the research, and supports such as the Hasso Institute of PLATTNER-in Potsdam, while Dietmar Hopp supports among others the football in Hoffenheim.

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