I Want To Be President

Jaime Bayly, and was taken seriously about his candidacy for president of the republic. What started as a joke, is taking shape and think it is a fact that later this year, Louie falls to launch his presidential candidacy. But can we take seriously the presidential candidate?, Can you take seriously someone who has the ability to take all matters of state, in jest and derision?; Can you consider that all terms to management of a country (and the fate that would a president of that nature), it is a joke? I am sincere in saying that if I like his live show, because I enjoy it a lot. Cancer research describes an additional similar source. As he says, democracy exists in television with the question "What channel do I prefer?" And is in the management of our remote control. I choose to see it, because I enjoy the idea of seeing in a surreal political circumstances of our country.

But from there, to elect a president who see this political surrealism as realism Specifically, it is well washed. The sane person (I think) is the difference but the reality of fiction, then. I can and I (because it is healthy) a little fun with fictitious things, but I must always be aware of what is truly happening. This is the point. I think Jaime's misfortune began its program when it decided to give it a theme of Farandulera. I think if he had continued to invite politicians, and of course, play with them throughout the political rhetoric of surreal fun, his candidacy was looking another way at this time. Or perhaps, when it started with this change in his television program, never imagined being stuck in this adventure president. Now he seems to want to retreat, to invite politicians, but I think it is too late.

Diego Bertie, is right to say that all who follow him, would be a "stupid." Of course because you can not take the game, and sarcastic bellow, the fate of a country. Now James wants to appear victim, saying the station's owner agrees not to use his program to launch his presidential candidacy. This behavior is evidence that wants to wake up more expectation on those who follow him. After viewing the whole political scene, a little chistosito, I realize that anyone can be a candidate for president. So much so, I realize, now, I also got me wanting to be president. Why not? It is well that the fate of a country is not for play, and that the matter is rather complicated. I am a musician degree in theology, who lives in his small apartment of 54 square meters in the Lince district with his wife, have no children, and nothing to hide. All my life is completely transparent. I think, and I'm sure there is something that all presidential candidates can not avoid, and this is "to maintain their economic status after the end of his term as president." If I came into office with a small apartment of 54 square meters, the end of my mandate, I will living in that little apartment and do not have no ambition to excel, so I have no ambition is unjust enrichment. Suddenly, perhaps, who knows, saving the salary of President, in time to buy an apartment better, but still modest. Well, these are the follies of a mere writer of articles, an excellent website that actually saw the election of his country says: "I want to be president."

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Earth Belly

Your left foot tour and rests in the part superior of the one of the right foot. And you will turn the neck reason why you are watching towards the ceiling. To turn to the center and to repeat again in the other side. When you have finished, to jump again in your position squatting, standing up and to begin again. It continues thinking, this is a good technique on like losing the belly. Minutes five and six: the cord jumps.

Just as minute three and four. itself thinking, I am losing greasy corporal. Minutes six and seven: To return to the push squatting and pushes upwards only that this time you are going away to add the rise of the legs. This he is the same that both minutes and only three that this time rise to the fingers of a foot about twelve centimeters of the Earth only after to have realised your push upwards. Low the foot and to repeat in the other side. Of return to your position squatting, standing up, and to begin again.

It continues thinking, goodbye belly. Minutes seven and eight to lose the belly: to jump the cord. Just as minute three and four. It continues thinking, my belly becomes smaller. Minutes eight and nine: To return to the push squatting and pushes upwards only that this time you are going away to add the mountain climbers. It repeats all the one of two minutes and only three that this time after pushes upwards, immediately to trotar in the place of your position of push upwards. Asegrate to take your knees until the chest in each rotation. Trota realises 5 and to repeat all the process. It continues thinking, I am going to lower of weight. Nine and ten minutes: to jump the cord. Just as both first minutes. It continues thinking. If I do this every day, I am going to lose the belly. Good luck to all. We recommended to him that you use a smooth filling, as a mat of yoga to realise this exercise. This is going to reduce the injuries. It discovers in the following connection the revision of one of the successful methods of lost of weight but to today: Revision Of the Method Gabriel to lower of weight.

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