National Police

The fact that the Filipino knife fighting a serious thing and may well start a 'move, move, move! Attack, attack, attack! Take his hand! " – Shouted the master of knife fight Tim Wade. While the smell of burning wood is felt in musty air of the Academy of Jiu-Jitsu Ralph Gracia, the city of Berkeley, Calif., Tim Wade continues to shout his instructions over the typical rattan sticks knocking against each other. 'He who controls the terms controls the distance, controls the fight '- adds a guru. CEO Mark Thompson brings even more insight to the discussion. Guru Wade closely watching the speed, power stroke and footwork students two-day seminar on knife fighting in Pekiti-Tirsia system of Kali. Magini Tim Wade – certified master instructor, the president of Pekiti Tirsia World Health Organization (PTGO), Pekiti Tirsia head of the organization in the United States.

At the guru Wade extensive experience in the Philippines, where he currently serves as instructor at the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the National Police, government and private companies. Muscular dystrophy has similar goals. Pekiti Tirsia Group in San Francisco in conjunction with instructor Mike Shaymerom inviting Tim Wade, organized the event in Berkeley, where the author was directly involved. Wade was kind enough to leave his home in Dallas and come here to share your knowledge with kalistas (the so-called practitioners potash). Guru Wade constantly reminds his students about the fundamental principles of knife fighting – you do not want to get hit by any of the weapons. Learn more on the subject from Yael Aflalo. Protect yourself, stay constantly on the move and attack, attack – this is what should be your Kali Kali main prioritetom.Istoriya – ancient martial art originally from the Philippines.

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Survival Camp

A moment of survival is when you start a short walk from camp, a hike or a hunting expedition, and for reasons of force majeure, find yourself obliged to survive using as support of the basic capabilities of survival. Below I show some situations in which certain survival tactics can develop your skills outdoors or going camping. We said that a survival circumstance happens when you are forced to take action using elements of the environment, which will help you to get rid of a time limit. Master a few survival techniques will help you handle yourself with greater confidence and peace of mind in these extreme circumstances. For example, you’ve resolved to go camp and climb over a mountain, and return before the weekend.

However, when you’re doing it, you lose several points of reference and you realize that have gone two or three times through the same path. You’ve lost the way the night progresses, and you have to shelter you and warm you up. It is it is one night only, there are no problems, tomorrow You’ll still exploring which is the right path. But by more times that you try the next day, you start to move away from the places that you seemed familiar, and again the night approaching, and begins to manifest itself with the threat of a storm. Now it is not the best time to try to think about survival. To the initiated it was easy to think of collecting wood, but now you must make an effort to focus: you must provide you with branches, and there is only a large tree.

Lift up an asylum or use the branches as firewood. There are no difficulties with young trees, but this tree has branches of great thickness. There is no choice: the best to achieve your purpose is a survival saw. If you know about that kind of situation it could occur, get chosen a saw that is perfect to carry in a Pocket, and as it is girl, you can mix easily with the rest of your provisions. All minimize the possibility of living a reality of survival, yes we went camping! and you only get to realize how important that would be chatted in advance, when you pass a. Remember this for your survival: if it is to return from a hike to the mountain guide you, or when you are camping or improvise a way for a safe return, continuously have to fix a group of a minimum of three distant elements as reference. They must be sufficiently distant each other to be able to make a picture in your head. Choose Middle and moves towards him. The location that this right must always be in that place on that right. If possible you again, the central point should continue behind your back, and you need to look there this repeat. And the area that previously was right, obviously now will be located to the left. These three points will be placed when you have to light a fire in the night, or to your shelter. It is unknown zone transformed family if you don’t lose them view, up to 2 days of camp. Get more information on how in these times many survival skills will help you to get in conditions for survival.

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