Geriatric Rehabilitation

The syndrome of the fragility of the aged one occurs due the ambient factors and partner-economic associates. One is about a transversal study, where they had been collected given from form applied to the users of a state asylum in the city of Parnaba-Piau, in the period of April the September of 2008. The asylum shelters 30 aged ones, being that only 13 presented cognitivas conditions to answer to the questions, however, 4 had come to the death during the research. The majority of interviewed possua enters the 70 79 years, and the minority below of the 60 years. Of these, 50% were of masculine sex and only 14% of the feminine sex. On familiar relationship 35,7% of the interviewed ones they did not have 14,2% children and others possua of one the two children. When investigating on its origins, 28,6 were of the Piau, however, 35,7% proceeding ones from other states, as Cear and Maranho. But 21,4% of the group not possua no friend ().

How much to the escolaridade, only 35,7% had started the initial series of the first degree. The knowledge of the profile of aged sheltered in public institutions it will allow to direct the approach of the actions of the social services of the cities, as well as subsidizing given for a joint work between secretariat of health and secretariat of social action. Learn more on the subject from Sam Less UPenn.

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Rubens Anderson Alves Da Silva * Summary presented for partial note attainment in disciplines Psychology of the Learning. THEORY OF THE AUSUBEL LEARNING. The text deals with the Theory presented for Ausubel concerning the process of significant learning and its importance in the teach-learning process. In accordance with the theories developed for North American psychologist D.P. Ausubel, the stored previous knowledge during the life of an individual is a great influenciador in the construction of the process of learning of this, exactly individual, what Ausubel flame of Cognitiva Structure. The cognitiva learning functions as a link enters the information already known by the individual and to that them is new, resulting in a evolutiva interaction between old and new data.

This interaction generates an associative process of interrelacionadas information assigned of Significant Learning. For Ausubel, the significant learning facilitates the learning, therefore it allows that the pupil learns by means of the direction that the knowledge will go to make it, approaching it of the construction of this direction. In contrast of the mechanical or repetitive learning, therefore in this, the pupil becomes mere ' ' reprodutor' ' of a knowledge previously established, by means of absolute in power associations and descontextualizado that, for many times, he does not attribute meant some to it. So that a significant learning occurs, Ausubel considers a series of methods paved in theories of psicopedaggicas that can in accordance with facilitate to the organization of the teach-learning process the proposal of the Significant Learning, such as the categorizao of Subordinated Significant Learning, Superordenada and Combinatria if it adjusts the categorizao in Representacional, Conceitual and Proprosicional. Thus, we can conclude that the proposals of Ausebel not only value one definitive ' ' estrutura' ' as education method, but mainly, it values the pupil as individual as constituent element of the process of construction of the learning, not only a retransmissor being, subordinating to education method that ignores it its capacity to assimilate the information.