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QlikView business intelligence for SAP users enjoys great popularity; on the 19.07., he held the more work QlikTalk at the airport of Stuttgart next. Click Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to learn more. On the 19.07. more work QlikTalk at the airport held next Stuttgart, an event for customers and prospective customers on the topic of business intelligence with QlikView. Under the title QlikView management cockpits for SAP users are the functional principle of QlikView business discovery and presented the benefits, followed by two user reports and sample applications for industrial customers. Contact information is here: Monty Don. Interested parties are cordially invited to meet more work in a personal dialogue. ource of information. “The event of QlikView management cockpits for SAP users”, which takes place in Stuttgart – Terminal 1 airport, aimed at customers and prospects on the topic of business intelligence (BI) with QlikView. The event aims at introducing the BI solution QlikView business discovery and presentation of their applications, as well as their benefits on the basis of application scenarios. The QlikTalk starts at 13:30 with a guided tour of the Stuttgart Airport.

At the beginning, the working principle of QlikView business discovery and its all adjusting features are presented, followed by user reports of Schenck RoTec GmbH and the SCHMID Group. Appears be sample applications for SAP applications on the basis of scenarios for industrial customers. Finally there is the opportunity to discuss mobile analysis with QlikView. Associative data analysis with QlikView for better business process analysis analysis with QlikView ensure your business success. The business intelligence software enables the user to a structured, flexible data analysis and forms a unified management cockpit for your company. QlikView is through its simple implementation, ease of use and perfect integration into existing SAP modules.

The data can be, summarized from multiple sources, graphically and individual analyses and reports created on push of a button enabling you to innovative and appropriate decision-making. QlikView elite solution providers realised more plant a variety of BI applications and management cockpits for SAP users. No matter whether for sales, production, purchasing, finance, or other areas more work creates customer narrow dark scenarios based on extensive project experience and predefined plans in just a few days. Interested parties are cordially invited to meet more work in a personal dialogue. Learn agenda and QlikView business discovery about the QlikTalk on the application form to the QlikTalk. We look forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart. The next QlikTalk on the topic of business discovery as value drivers “will be at the 15.11.2012 in downtown Dusseldorf vintage classic remise” take place.

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9 German Games Festival

Over 350 games can be tried in the Sports Hall of Mettlach. Over 350 games can be tried in the Sports Hall of Mettlach. To Christmas many games are being given away this year again. The problem: Usually you have to buy the cat in the bags, because in the business can be so ill try out the games. Since 2005 the youth auxiliary carrier nimble fleas Merzig e.V. offers a solution to this problem: a few weeks before Christmas he creates the possibility to inform themselves extensively on many games and especially also to try them out. Expert advice completes the service offer of the Association. The “9 Saarland Games Festival” takes place on 16 and 17 November in the Sports Hall of Mettlach. The game of the year award winners include the friendlies as every year: “Hanabi” (game of the year), “The enchanted Tower” (children’s game of the year) and “The legends of andor” (expert game of the year) were awarded in 2013. Also many new products from the world’s largest trade fair for games are available. Here, E.g. “the tumbling barrel” through the area, the letter flies “love letter” must be delivered and “Mauna Kea” must be escaped before the volcano. A total of over 350 games can be tried. The Conference Board game – large leaves time all possibilities: two days to test the games (Saturday from 10 until 23 h, Sunday from 10 to 18 hrs) are available. Game-experienced youth leaders to the introduction to the games available to guests at these times. This service is very good, he makes much easier but the understanding of the rules. Again in the program are also some tournaments: on the two days at 14: 00 will be played at “Pickomino on the roast worm corner” for the victory. These tournaments are also considered qualifying tournaments Heckmeck World Championship, which is organized by the Zoch-Verlag. Respectively, the top two finishers qualify for the final tournament in Munich. Saturdays at 6: 00 the probably the fastest card game in the world is “Speed”. The novelty of “Five cucumber” is directly in a tournament (Saturday, 16: 00). Participation in the tournament is free, small prices there win. The game “The werewolves by dark forest” is equally interesting for older children, adolescents and adults. Saturday from 20: 00 until 23: 00 guests must dive into the dark forest in search of after the werewolves wherein some also even discreetly will be involved as werewolves. Who interested to try out new games, or just time with beautiful board games to spend, is invited to participate in the Games Festival. Admission is free, for the well-being of course. Registration is not required. Another special feature of the event: By working with a video game retailers some of the test games on the spot can be purchased or ordered. Thus, the nimble fleas offer a full-service themed game. Further information on the Saarland Games Festival are available at the Chairman of the Association, Dirk Oehling (Ph. 06853 400053 or 0173 8466413) or his substitute Simone Schafer (Ph. 06872 887546 or 0170-2156322).

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