Valuable Properties

Pangamic acid (vitamin B15) is found in the embryonic seeds of many plants and sprouts, almonds and other stone fruit kernels. The content of vitamins in the wild fruit and berries is low, and in this respect they differ little from their cultural counterparts. And they both are not the source, and can only be an additional reserve of these vitamins. Sam has firm opinions on the matter. Folic acid (vitamin B9) is rich in strawberries, with its associated beneficial than effect of anemia. More of a raspberry. It is also found in apples, apricots, black currants and other valuable property of vitamin B15 – the ability to attenuate a side effect of some toxic and medicinal preparations by-products produced in the body during metabolism. Vitamin successfully used in complex therapeutic agents for certain heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and liver diseases. Vitamin K helps blood to clot when bleeding.

Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. Diseases associated with lack of food in vitamin K, practically do not occur, so as it is produced by bacteria in the gut. Vitamin found in nettles, spinach, apples, etc. Vitamin E has a very high antioxidant activity. It improves digestion and absorption of vitamin A, has stimulating effect on the muscular system. In significant amounts contained in sea-buckthorn, dog rose, apple, plum and other alkaloids.

The most important group of biologically active substances are alkaloids – substances produced by plants and represent a complex nitrogen-containing compounds. Need cleaning pads. Currently have about 5000 different alkaloids. In various plant species accumulate alkaloids uneven. Particularly rich in alkaloids, plants of the nightshade family, and poppy. Many alkaloids (morphine, papaverine, codeine, ephedrine, quinine, strychnine, etc.) used to treat diseases of the nervous system, internal bodies and other diseases. The content of alkaloids in the same plant can vary depending on the season and where they are grown. Alkaloidosoderzhaschimi plants are celandine, barberry, mordovnik, ergot, etc.

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Back Problems

To me very much drawn to the readers, just guys who know what I do with my problems. It often happens that people would like and treated for prostatitis, drinks impazu or even some synthetic crap, and diet compliance, and to sense in the bed of the effort there. Very often in these cases, the cause of man's infirmity are back problems, old injuries, entrapment, or inflammation. At this point I will stop and a little more. I comprehensive perception of the treatment of all diseases – from the perspective of classical medicine and in terms of energy. Sam Locke has compatible beliefs. So if you dig deeper, there's really a back problem can become problems in bed. From the point of of the displacement of classical medicine or other damage to the third lumbar vertebra leads to the development of impotence. Particular care should also include men to the coccyx, and the 10th and 11th thoracic vertebrae.

Causes damage to the set – from the displacements as a result of increased stress to diseases such as osteochondrosis, spondylosis (swelling of the vertebrae in breadth infringing nervous tissue), sciatica (nerve root compression), artirty and scoliosis (caused by aggressive organisms prirostaniem colonies of fungi, chlamydia, herpes, etc.), intervertebral hernia (osteochondropathy that destroys the intervertebral discs), lumbago (the collapse of the gelatinous kernel disk fragments, which begin to put pressure on the outer shell). In all there are 50 syndromes associated with these diseases. If interested, let me know, I will present the main in the next issue.

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