The Salary

They are recommendations and they should be viewed as recommendations. There is not a magic wand that ensures overcome an interview successfully. There are a number of factors that affect the outcome. For more information see Darcy Stacom. Mainly two: the position profile (personal, educational and characteristics of behavior you are looking for the company) and the experience of the interviewer (strangely, interviewers who sing you the answers, as those who under the principle of interview under require, mistreat the applicant exist). Profile of post sometimes tends to publish part of that profile: studies, experience in certain areas of languages, wanted behavior. Just read the listings for employment to realize this. However there are criteria that usually remain hidden.

These hidden criteria are those that determine the discard or not of the applicant. Example: how much? win. The experience of the interviewer a friend recently had a personal interview. The interviewer was smaller at age than the applicant with more experience and especially with treatment at various levels and to be more severe, specialist in human resources. The interviewer was interviewed (my friend was able to meet the educational, employment and family background of the interviewer, in addition to the name of the company, the salary that estimated pay and above all the point critical to discard). And now that I do? To cry a river. Don’t worry. What if you should avoid are some typical situations that auto discarded to the applicant.

Avoid them, and you will be more likely to follow in race: 1.-transparency if the candidate has appealed to a false information in a curriculum and has not been detected in a first level of selection, it is normal that the truth comes to light during the interview. In this case the candidate is ruled out. 2.-Without desire to overcome if people do not show desire for growth or ask that time ends the work schedule, will have incurred a causal self exclusion. Today seeks people oriented to results and not compliance. 3. Do not owe elaborate responses not making the interview. That takes it is the interviewer. Do not interrupt in the questions asked. 4. Not be permeable to the applicant criticisms should be more natural and spontaneous that it will go. That creates trust, one of the values that most companies looking for. author’s website: original author and source of the article.

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