Tobias Schnellbacher

Due to maintenance costs even money and other costs, the property at that time, a new tenant should not quickly be found. Forest is a form of real estate with special benefits of the forest as a form of investment. As a very safe investment, forest differs significantly from the investment in residential and commercial real estate. , As is the case with rent, there is no consistent monthly revenue homebrew though, but impressive returns can be achieved with sufficient patience and conversion on the year by over 10%. By write-downs, it remains at spared the plant in forest in the difference to residential and commercial real estate.

Forest grows steadily and quietly to himself and is not hurt by economic crises. However, the actual preference is in the so-called natural compound interest. This is due to the exponential growth of the tree. A tree both the width and the height grows known. Per year increases the footprint to the ring a year. This is growing in all directions at the same time. As a result, the base of the tree from year to year to grow faster and faster.

The tree in the height grows in addition. The effect is thus once again reinforced by a factor of X. Over the years, the wood is always valuable. On the one hand, the yield cut through the thicker stem grows and on the other hand increasing the hard and precious solid wood over the years. The single cubic centimetre wood is so valuable, the boards are bigger. This caused a doubling in price only between the 20 and the 30 year neither gold,. still, the residential and commercial real estate or securities offer such an increase in value. This value is independent of the labour markets, currency crises, policy interventions, and bubbles in the stock market. If the crop falls once in a period of unfavorable market prices, you can simply leave the trees and grow them even further. Later the investor can enjoy then the particularly high prices the. These high prices are obtained by the tribes hitherto extremely large and hard. The teak trees grow, in contrast to gold over time to more gefragterenn goods. Price increases are very high down in recent years. Particularly positive the prohibitions for illegal timber from over-felling affect certified timber prices for FSC. Because these import restrictions and controls in the future will increase yet, can be expected here too with a price increase. Thats the value added in the system by tree growth but not mandatory, because as already described is immanent. Tobias Schnellbacher

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