What You Pay Attention When Buying A Mattress Should Garden & Home Factory

It takes the right mattress mattresses in the test – basic rules for buying mattress for a good night’s sleep. Stiftung Warentest tested recently various mattress models and types. Sprung, foam or latex, soft or hard reveals the Internet portal auvito.de, what to look for buying. More information is housed here: Moderna vaccine. Mattresses should well support the body in the prone and supine form after the double S-shape of the spine. This requirement is met by the majority of the tested models.

To hold the spine in the lateral position horizontally, many mattresses cannot guarantee however. In many cases too low sinking of the pelvis and shoulders is problematic for a good night’s sleep. The mattress this restricts the freedom of movement of the sleeper. In addition, he begins to sweat faster. Various manufacturers apply their models with seven zones of lying, which promise optimum support and relief of the individual areas of the body. These be present but dormant depending on weight and body size completely different places. In addition, the differences between the various zones of lying are barely detectable.

Three zones, that is to say each one are completely sufficient for the shoulder, lumbar and pelvic area. But now, which mattress suits which type? Who quickly tends to sweat in the bedroom, is best advised with a Spring mattress. Pocket sprung mattresses contain hundreds of small, sewn individually in fabric bags steel springs. Shall be effective damping of the vibrations of the springs. This type of mattress is point elastic and optimally adapts itself to the body. Moisture is quickly transported away from the body. Who, however, quickly freezes in bed, should opt for a cold foam mattress. Air chambers and ventilation channels in the foam provide a pleasant sleeping climate and keep the heat perfectly. The purchase of simple foam mattress, which consist only of a single piece polyurethane advisable you Scrooges. No matter which model the buyer chooses, as a general rule the most expensive Mattress must be the best not necessarily. “” The most expensive in the test with 1250 Euro model Tempur comfort plus “received in the quality judgment only a sufficiently”. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

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